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What is it with you guys and those damn DRs!

Plan sounds great, a bit of a deja-vu. Having done the same thing, let me share my experience first:

If a WR/CRF/EXC would work for the rides you are planning on doing (rough off road, no long distance stuff, no highway and not a lot of luggage) then I would seriously reconsider pimping out the DR. Mine has all those farkles and then some, and while it will easily hold it's own among similar 650 class bikes, it's still a heavy pig when the going gets tough.

Even doing all the work myself and getting some very good deals on used parts (my bike was only 700), I have a lot of money in it. That's cool and worth it IMO if you are looking for a great long distance adventure bike, but if a real enduro would suit your needs better, you can definitely find a used one for less than you will spend on the DR.

If you do stick with your idea, here are a few tips:

- LC8 rear wheel will not fit (hub too wide), stick with the LC4 and preferably a cush drive one.

- You will however need a 240mm rear brake disc off a LC8 or BMW F650 (1 cylinder model).

- If you get black rims, get your frame and swingarm done in black as well. Mine is powdercoated silver/gray and I'm probably going to redo the whole thing at some point. Or get black bodywork and stick with silver wheels, that looks great as well.

- From my experience powdercoating holds up better than paint, unless you go with a quality epoxy which probably costs more. I had my Cobra chassis done with Imron and it turned out great. Some of the parts I did with POR15 and it's tough as hell but will fade in UV light.

- Marzocchi front end from a KTM? Is it possible that you mean the
conventional WP Extreme forks (50mm) that were used from 97-99 or so? They are a bit harder to find parts for, but once properly set up, work very well. They won't leak as quickly as USD forks either, so a good choice on a travel bike.

Hope this helps some.
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