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[COLOR=orange]You must become ignorant of all you've been tought[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]And be, instead, bewildered![/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Run from what's comfortable and profitable.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Run, run, run![/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]If you drink those sweet liqueurs you'll spill[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]The springwater of your real life.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Forget safety[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Live where you fear to live.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Be notorious[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]Destroy your reputation.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]You have tried prudent planning for long enough.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]From now on, live mad.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange][I][COLOR=darkorange]-J. Rumi, born 1207, a sifi mystic poet.[/COLOR][/I] [/COLOR]
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