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Originally Posted by Taurkon
Dealer stated: Faulty fuel pump.

I am dead positive it was the pump. I just left the tarmac and had stopped for a moment, turning the bike off. Tried to get it started again and zippo. I disconnected the fuel line and turned the bike over, and no fuel was being pumped through the line.
fair enough.

However, for the information of all concerned, please note that disconnecting the fuel line and turning the bike over is not the right test to check the healthiness of the fuel pump.

The quick disconnector is not so simple as you are expecting. There is a valve in there which opens only when the male & female sides of the disconnector have "mated". Once the disconnector is taken apart, the valve closes and fuel does not flow anymore into either sides.

If you look inside the disconnector, you will find a white colored valve. Now try to blow into this and you wont be able to. If you press the white colored valve and then blow, air will pass thru.

I found this when i dismantled the fuel pump on my 990 yesterday.
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