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Originally Posted by catang5oh

Yes, i bought that when he was 4 and it was the best 150.00 we ever spent, he is secure and aint going anywhere that i dont go. I have even tested it by strapping him in and standing up, he just dangles back there kinda like a 60 pound grocery sack.
Obviously, it's your house and your kid, but from the aspect of what I do for a living (avatar name), you are TOO tied together. I worked an accident where two kids were buckled together in a single seat and the accident force slammed them together killing both, where one may've survived. You weigh a lot more than either of them did.

If you two go off the bike, you have pretty much no control over orientation of how you'll hit the street or of how you'll tumble. At some point, you're pretty well assured of landing on your back, though. Remember that's it's not just your weight landing on him, it's your weight from the height of coming over a tumble. That much crush force could get ugly as far as his potential internal injuries and spine.

Again, do what you think right and I'm not trying to start some big debate. You're obviously trying to look out for what's probably a very happy little guy and that's fantastic. But if it were me and I wanted to keep the device, I'd keep the handles (increasing odds of your own back injury), then leave the straps at home. That way, he's not going anywhere and the force of going off the bike will get him away from you.

fwiw, my kids would grab the belt on my coat, which for them was similar to the handles for you.


btw - Make sure wandering feet can't get to the rear tire.
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