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Originally Posted by Stroker
A point of interest: While ordering a 165R15 Nanking Mud and Snow tire from the Nebraska Farmers Coop today I asked why it is that they carry a somewhat uncommon car tire that usually goes on VW beetles and old Saabs. I was told that these radial car tires hold up much better than the 6.00x15 agriculture tires commonly used on harvesting equiptment. The farmers have found that because of the steel belted radial construction of these auto tires they are much more puncture resistant and last longer than the tire they have been using previously. These farm supply stores may prove to be a good source for these type of tire if your local auto tire dealer is reluctant to help you with this size tire.
I had a nice surprise yesterday while riding Potash/Shaffer (Moab~Utah) trail uphill. And easy road and yet at time challenging. (have not gone through the photos yet). For a change I dropped all tires to 28 (when hot) and the M&S to 25. Totally different tire suddenly (of course you are going to say!!!) and now better than the regular VW original tire... The M&S is a stiff tire and actually did not even inflate it for the black top miles I had left to ride to get back to camp. It really changes my opinion on this tire... Pretty steep uphil, loose ground and not a single time did it spin... Of course... you have to LOVE the tall first gear od the GS 1100R!!! Still the best GS ever made... (yes! I am prejudiced on that one!!!).
Anyhow... Going to ride it again late at night, full moon,better lighting...
Be well... Ara & Spirit
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