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The first weekend into a trip through New England, the pilot screw on one of my carbs vibrated its way loose and out. For a day or so, I had to reach down and cover the hole with a finger when I came to a stop, and try to regulate the idle circuit in the carb that way.

I ordered the screws from an internet cafe, but in the meantime...

...I fashioned this out of the tip of a mechanical pencil. The flow was adjustable by pushing in more or less of the stripped wire jammed through the middle, which was swiped from a leftover Christmas wreath at the conference center. (The cutie at the desk said she didn't mind.) She also gave me a few paperclips to hold it in:

It worked like a champ, for the next couple thousand miles. The screws had arrived, but I just had to know how long the fix would last...

Even better were the events of the very first day, as we were making our way through the Adirondacks. The ferrule on the lever end of my buddie's clutch cable popped off. Try as I might to finagle something, I rode ahead, defeated, and stopped at a farmhouse to use their yellow pages. The farmer crosses his yard, where I see he was working on his barbed wire fence. We chat. He reaches into his pocket, shows me a handful of fat fence-joining crimp connectors, and holds up the giant crimpers. Serendipity at its most beautiful. Somewhere, that clutch cable is still sporting that fence connector, and working better than new...
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