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[quote=SCray]..........getting the appropriate tyres (hey spellchecker, that is tyres, not tires) [quote]

......just remember, Ozzers & Brits, the tongue is placed firmly in the cheek of this
Yorkie/Canadian for this post only....

......Now: 300,000,000 people spell it "tire"....which is an order of magnitude
above those of us who cling to "tyre".
Also the word originates as a device to "tie"
the assy. together ( no Y in ties and struts ).

.........Just a bit of fun, Youse Guys.

( hey, Scray...configure spellchecker to UK English, and all will be well in the land of chunder )

...Seriously, I used to get very hot under the collar about spelling, but have realised that what
was brought over on Mayflower would have been correct, and has just been preserved better .

Apologies for the back to normal service.

If Thy Ever Does Owt For Nowt,
Do It For Thysen'
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