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Originally Posted by halflive
i think mikepa is right in the statement that availability for sidecar tires is improved in the states.
i've driven a 2cv michelin tire on the rear of my my Triumph in the past, the original with 2 ply sidewalls. it was horrible, it floated all around the corners. nowdays i'm using the low Smart front tires, they're great, solid cornering. i don't want to use anything else than the 135/65/15 continentals. to my knowledge the only alternative for the old high 2cv tires is the current Mabor brand.
You missed the point. Explanation: A 165/80-15 tire (or 165-15 as you please) will not be more available, because of the introduction of the MCC Smart, since this size is not a stock size. It will still be difficult to get. (itís an old Beetle size)

Closest size in 15 inch would be the 175/55-15 in the brand and type you ride, which is really low-profile.

Please walk to your outfit and read the tire size. If it actually says what youíre saying, (135/65-15) Iíll bring you a case of beer in your favorite brand. (Typing error?)

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