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Originally Posted by Stroker
These tires, be they 135, 145, 155, or 165r15 are really not that hard to find. The Nexen, Kumo, and Nankangs are being cranked out in the Orient. B.F. Goodrich and others are supplying 165r15's for the street rod market. Vredenstien, Michelin are still making them for old VW's and Saab's. Once you find a vendor/tire style you can live with buy 3 for the price of 1 motorcycle tire and you'll be all set for quite a while. Ara makes a good point about suspension upgrades. Shocks make a HUGE difference. I wouldn't ride a rig with stock shocks. And a swaybar! The way my rig is set up I can slide it around on pavement like one of those hi-performance rigs, and with almost a foot of ground clearance.The car tires are a big improvement but without proper shocks and a swaybar I doubt that my rig would handle the way it does. Stroker
It IS good idea if you are purchasing the 165 tires to bUY two of them. They are usually easily found at any tire dealer who is willing to order them in....but... I think the factories only do a run on them ever so often. We have been using them for a little over 5 years and in that time have seen one temporary shortage of them which was practically nationwide. So, buy two and cut out the worry.
The 155 tires can be had also but are usually more expensive. The 135 tires are quite small in diameter and are avaiLable at Coker Tire and other outlets. Out of all of these the 165 is the last expensive and the most commonly avaiable size.
Oh, you can also try ordering tIres through wal mart . They will ship them to your nearest store. Not a bad deal in some cases.

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