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Is it wrong to drive right?

...once again: humble apologies for jacking.

So why did you lot drive on the wrong side of the road?[/quote]

....ah, well; was all a terrible mix-up at Plymouth in 1670:

What with all the confusion which ensued even
getting away in the Mayflower, the plans for the
New World sidecars were all xeroxed backwards
in error.
Arriving in Massachusetts, the plans were given
to "Indian", who, having no sidecar experience,
just followed the plans without question.

When the time came to link up Plymouth Colony
with Jamestown, Virginia by road, it just seemed right to go left.

Oz was okay, because, 1787, being much later in sidecar
development, the P.O.H.M.s were able to ship standard sidecar kits
(armed) to keep the penal colony patrolled.

Hope this helps.
(and you thought Ural history was confusing!)

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