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Originally Posted by Perry
I had Space III Ti and a Military 123, liked them both but feel B&R went off the deep end with their squares.

Too fashionista for me. Thought a few were cool years ago when they first came out, but then they went way overboard with way too many square styles/colors, etc.

Still like some of their quartz designs though.
Some watches looks are very surprising. I didn't like the way the B&R looked as much on my wrist as much as I did in the pictures, but it was a neat watch. Like my Rissian Diver GMT, I love the way it looks on my wrist, but when I pulled it out of the packege for the first time (had never seen one in real life before but an original one from 1959) I thought it was rediculously large. Now that I wear it basically as my go to watch daily, even my Breitling Bently looks small and it is 48mm or so!
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