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Originally Posted by Velocibiker
Pretty cool. Nice job.

"Burp tool" Everbody should have one - not just for your bike either!

Excuse me sir, I'm supposed to put this stopper where???!!!!

Here's a suggestion for a V2.0 for your prime & burb tools:

Combine them. Use some clear flexible tubing off the funnel. Add rubber stopper to end. TA-da! Fill up to prime. Pour in balance. Start bike & wait for back flow. Could get even fancier by adding a shut off valve just behind the rubber stopper.

I guess I'm just old tech. I made a squeeze bottle that I can actually squeeze the oil out of. No burp tool for me. Never had that much of a mess. Just lucky I guess.
The only thing is... is that you want minimal "backflow from the "burp job", so a smaller hose is preferable... that, and once you shut the bike off, the oil doesn't flow back into the frame, the level is actually a bit higher than the fill hole, that's why you drain the excess out of the hose, then level the bike... to get the frame level below the fill hole.

I can't seem to avoid puking a half-cup of oil out every time I do it ... thats why I came up with the fitting and the 2X4.
So... how's tricks?
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