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Originally Posted by Lovin' it Strom
Well, I rode...home... That's OK, the wife was off today so we'll go out and re-meet each other.

For Freddie's meet up's we should select the parking area behind Wells Fargo, the parking lot is HUGE and singles could miss each other there.

We'll have to give Mak some well wishes, his pig pooped. I find those BMers look good on a flat bed tow truck...

See you guys Sun morning.
Ya, It was excitin riden in a cab wit da bike tethered on a flatbed behind me.
I took the SS cutoff to beat the trucks on I-5. I've done it many times at close to 90mph, but in recent years I have seen the patrol sitting their, and now throttle my approach. I pushed past the car around 75mph, and she sped up, (car suck I call it). I hate to pass and slow down, but knew the potential. Every glance was trying to see under the limbs for a car body as I let the bike limber down to 65ish. Shit, the State Patrol had it's rear windshield lights on. How the hell are the doing a reach-arounds on curves.?
I let it slow to 55 as I passed the car. I started to throttle up as the hill slowed me down, but nothing. I shifted lower and locked the tire, dummy. Still no power, and I pulled over 500' in front of the State Patrol.
Crank, start,die x 10. Once I took my helmet off, he pulled up. His lights apparently were a safety procedure. Nice guy, tattooed, got out, said he rode. Ran my plate but not my ID. I already had my cellphone calling for help.
ODOT showed up and expidited AAA. I had got a hold of El Pyro to cancel the ride, and he showed up as the bike was cabled on the flatbed.
I let the bike sit for two years, and it crapped out last year, but fixxed itself. I'll see if I get lucky again, but hopefully just a filter.
I've been thinkin of Fishy lately though
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