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Miles Crouch's Triumph Spitfire with Ford 2.3 Turbo Engine

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XV Issue 2, September 2007

Owner: Miles Crouch
City: Atlanta GA
Model: 1979 Triumph Spitfire
Engine: Ford 2.3 turbo inline four-cylinder engine
Conversion performed by: Owner

Engine: the engine is from an SVO Mustang. It's been balanced and blue-printed, and the head has been ported by Boport. Wiseco pistons. Chevy 5.7" rods. I have adapted the 4g63 oil jets from a Mitsubishi engine into the Ford 2.3 block to cool the pistons better.
Induction: custom intake with a 75mm throttle body, 96lb injectors, water methenol injection, and an 1100cfm intercooler.
Engine Electrical: SDS engine management, using the Ford factory harness.
Cooling: big block radiator. It stays cool and can sit all day in traffic with no problem.
Exhaust: 3.5" down-pipe off the turbo into a pulse chamber. I made the exhaust by taking 1.5" pipe and cutting it in two, then using a 7 inch flat steel to connect the two halves of the 1.5" pipe. This will give a little more than the 3.5" pipe and great ground clearance. Supertrapp muffler.
Transmission: Performance Automatic C-4 3 speed with transmission brake and 1/1 final drive ratio. 3000rpm stall, 9" torque converter. Custom driveshaft with 2 safety loops.
Rear Axle: narrowed 9" Ford, with limited slip differential, 2.75:1 ratio, and 28 spline axles.
Front Suspension: custom air-ride suspension. I made my own A-arms and used Mustang II front spindles. Grand National shocks. Factory Spitfire rack and tie-rod ends.
Rear Suspension: 4-link and Panhard bar, with airbags and camaro shocks.
Brakes: four wheel disk.
Wheels: 15" Prostar Street and Drag aluminum.
Chassis: factory Spitfire frame supplemented with a full rollcage. The 4-link structure runs rocker-to-rocker and was tied into the old factory frame for the conversion. Trust me, the car goes straight out of the hole and this is important.
Body: Frenched antenna. Ford rear wing.
Electrical: more room for gauges and I made a new wire harness that had more than 3 grounds and a few fuses.
Performance: as originally set up, we did 511 at the wheels with 29psi and 116 octane. 93 octane @ 23 psi with water methenol made 348 rwhp. We're working on a new set-up that should be better.
Weight: between 1950 and 2000lbs.
Miles Driven: thousands... to Montgomery AL and everywhere around Atlanta. No trailer queen here!
Comments: all the work was done by myself except rebuilding the turbo and the transmission. This car is making over 500hp at the wheels with race gas. I have to get an NHRA driver's license now because it was too fast on the track! There are many other mods, but those are the main ones.

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