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Originally Posted by peterman
fuel relay
I pushed mine for almost 4 miles with the same problem,, starts, runs a bit, dies. I betcha it's the relay, it's a $28 part, but might be a recall, mine, an '05 was. BMW roadside paid the tow, but I never got reimbursed for pushing the bike until I thought my old heart would explode! What was I to do, leave it in the woods?
Well, I let my 05 sit for a few years, got on it last June. There was one time it died like that on my place. I figured it was gummy fuel, so poured in a bottle of ejector cleaner. Kept starting it a few days in a row, and it solved itself. Ran maybe 4k miles with no problem until yesterday. It is as you describe, runs, dies. I just put another bottle in, and I'm getting a liitle longer run cycle each time.
I called Salem for a fuel filter. They gave me a part #, but were out. I called Eugene, and they said there isn't a filter, and they never heard of my problem .
Do you have a link to the relay test?
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