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Oh oh !
Just realized that we dont have one but two vendors for REVIT gear !
Even better !

I hope you wont mind I already post the following question to the other thread.

My wife and I were suffering of heat a lot during our previous trips.
Especially because of our trousers.
They are black with no vents.
Meaning that on the highway to Italy or Spain (we're leaving South of France), when we stopped, we were drowned under our own sweat.
Extremely unpleasant to say the least.

I put my hand on a RevIt Catalog. Very nice !!
And we saw probably 2 trousers that could be what we're looking for.
The Dakar and the Turbine.
We need a waterproof trousers able to handle temp up to 105F - on the highway summer hell.
And with a great protection, wife's adamant on that.

Which one do you think will be the best ?
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