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Originally Posted by mymindsok
Whats with neutral switches failing?

In my experience, they usually last several tens of thousands of miles before crapping out or leaking. Oh well.... Maybe it's todays parts thats the problem!

Also... Installing a new one really isnt a bik deal if you have a lift.

Jack the lift up.
Drain the trans lube.
Pull the rear mount 80% of th way out.
Pull out the engine mount tube.

Remove/install the new switch.
Put everything back theway it was.

I'd say 30 minutes should do!
Do I feel like a jackass or what.... NEVER occurred to me when I had to put on the new wire harness.... I was using needle nozes, fat fingertips and choice words....Oh, well, any day that you learn something new is a day for the better... thanks for the "brainy" tip!@

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