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Originally Posted by Blinkerfluid
Thanks, I know I need to do a couple things to it, like recenter it so it's not zoomed in on one area when you open the map, but HTML is beyond me and I can't remember how I made the nifty link in my sig

Anyway, The tag is up-to-date for the most part.. There are 3 tags that I did not have the locations to since I can't see photobucket images at work.. If someone PM's me the name of the tag and it's location I can put them on the map as well.. Currently there are 3 place holders in arbitrary locations on the map.
I believe the tags are as follows: Somebody correct me if they are wrong:

#20 Sunny Eve Baptist Church, Anniston AL
#27 Highest Elevation (6053') on the Blue Ridge Parkway,
Richland Balsam, Mile post 431 NC
#29 Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. Memorial, Cleveland Park, Greenville SC
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