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Originally Posted by NomadRip
Yay! Another RV thread!

One of the couples I follow lives in a Travel Trailer by Oliver full-time. They are there getting some work done on the custom trailer right now (Oliver let them stay in their 40 acre factory last night since they live in the thing).

When PirateJohn sees those Wanderlodges, he'll be in here too. That's what he lives in.
I bought a new Lance camper in 98. For jeep'n and motorcycle riding with kids it worked well. We payed around 12k for it and even lived in it for 5 mo's during a stretch we used the holy shit out of it.

We sold in in 05 for 7k. Not bad for 7 years of enjoyment. Funny thing is you cannot find one of equal value today for under 7k.
It is still worth what we sold it for 4 years ago.

Campers and motorhomes interest me because although I love looking at trailers you cant pull anything in Washington behind them.
Tent trailers are completely useless and I just don't fancy 5th wheels. Although we have friends that haul their Race Jeeps in them and like them fine.
Just not a good use of space for me. But having a separatable pull rig would be nice every once in a while.

I also like these.

I've seen several in the $1500 to $2500 range, the damn things really hold their value. A new one goes from 12k to 16k.

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