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Originally Posted by nwgs
I don't know a whole lot about the class C's. I've never driven one.
From what I hear they drive awesome. My wife has driven her girlfriends and says she felt very comfortable behind the wheel.
I don't like the fact that the cockpit space cannot be used as living space like the class A's. The ability to just turn around the drivers seat and the passenger seat to make them part of the living room.

What are your thoughts on drive ability and the cockpit space?
We use the "Cab/Cockpit" as living space when it's parked. The passenger seat swivels around facing into the living area and becomes a functional seat for lounging. The driver seat swivels and faces the passenger seat. It can't go all the way around like the passenger seat because of the steering wheel. So it's usable but with limits.

The reason this works is because we do NOT have basement storage. Basements mean You have a RAISED floor (on class C's) compared to the cab. When you have raised floors on a C you can't swivel the chairs into the living are.

Mind you we also have no slide. So the cab does offer a little expanded area.

Regards to how they drive? Excellent. Better than many class A's. I would like a better rig but mine is paid for. I like the big picture window of the A's. But the C's sleep more and have the big over Cab bed..That is why we got it. KIDS.....

Since I just dropped a few K into mine it should be good to go for years to come...
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