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We borrowed a Class C GMC unit from my wife's cousin, about 20 something feet to go to West Virginia. Haven't returned it yet. When I picked it up, I asked "when do you want us to return it?" His exact words, and read this in a heavy scottish accent "Never. I do not want it back. We never use it. Buy it. Don't bring it back". Ha ha ha!
We really enjoyed it, especially since it rained almost the entire trip. Being able to sleep anywhere we can park is pretty fantastic. Dog, daughter, wife and me. Can't do that in the VW Golf.
He wants about $4000 for it, and it has a lot of troubles, but it runs well enough. I am considering it. I might need to live in it one of these days.
Nobody has shown me how to take care of it, so I haven't tried using the shower, toilet, etc. We did hook it up to city water at a campground once, and washed a few dishes, but since the greywater tank leaks, I am pretty sure it's emptied itself by now.
What I hate the most is the seats. BY GOD, the seats are terrible. Ugly to the point of insult, they are also really uncomfortable. Following right behind them, literally and figuratively are the couch/bed the two dining table chairs and that godawful bed thing above the cockpit. If I buy this thing, those two front seats are the first to go. Leather seats from the scrapyard will be just right there. Criminy they are terrible. I can drive our golf across the state in one shot without budging an inch, but these seats, I can only stand half an hour at a time.
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