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Originally Posted by kobudo28
Yeah yah bastig! I was waiting for you to chime in here.

I'm just happy to see another RV thread!

WE badly need an ADVRider RV park. Either that, or a roving group of us that wander around the country ... sorta like the Travelers.

OK ... maybe that wasn't the best example ...

Anyhow, we are in Memphis for roughly a month as SWMBO'd takes care of her elderly Mom and Dad. I expect that we'll be heading back to Texas to find Gainful Employment (tm) unless 1) FEMA calls us to go and work somewhere or 2) we have to run back to Florida to our workshop to work on something.

Memphis is pretty neat incidentally. We are in Elvis' very own trailer park on the Graceland grounds. Previous to this we were up the road, hangin' at the casinos in Tunica, MS for almost a week until it became obvious that SWMBO'd wasn't going to win anything.
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