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My only experience with motor homes.

So, it's 1976 and my dad's friend has a brand new Travco motor home. So we take it on our annual trek to Colorado. We stop at the top of the pass, just 10 miles from our destination and it won't start. You turn the key... nothing.

Dad and his buddy are not mechanically inclined, so they take the chase car, that I was driving, and go to the tiny town for help. They return with a "handyman" who's going to help us out.

He gets the schematic diagram out and start pulling wires out from under the dash. After an hour or so of work, wires are everywhere, and he gives up. So they're standing around planning the next move, and I pick up the diagram and look it over. It was of the generator in the back of the motorhome! The handyman was actually the village idiot.

Finally, without the handyman's help, they hot-wired it and drove it back home in the rain with no lights and no wipers.
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