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Originally Posted by Daniii
I suspect that it is ixnay on the ACWay. The computer should be no problem.

I suspect that you are probably right, although I keep running into folks that talk about boon docking in hot climates and I'd love to see how they do it.

I've got a big generator (12.5kw Kohler driven by a 4-cylinder Perkins diesel) but it's a thirsty bastard and gets expensive if you run it much. We really, really need 50 amp service (not available everywhere) to run everything. We have had issues at more than one campground with popping breakers, shorted circuitry, and expensive electrical usage (many RV parks have pretty old wiring).

For anyone getting into this stuff energy usage is a big deal. A lot of motorhomes with smaller generators can't run all of their A/C and appliances (like hot water) at the same time.

And for folks that dream of big buses and such, some of the newer stuff that are "all electric" require really big generators (like 20kw units) to run the A/C and the other systems.

SWMBO'd was interested in adding some solar panels but the numbers just didn't make sense to me.
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