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Originally Posted by DeputyTom
It is like it's alive. Mine is paid for too. I think of it as a rolling science experiment. I want to take it out west, to Moab.

Motorhomes clearly are more reliable if you use them full time. Ours sat for several years before we bought it and you'd be surprised at the number of systems that have come back to life after just a little vibration from going down the road and flicking of switches.

We didn't have a sewer hookup at our workshop so we'd have to fire up the old girl every 7 days or so and drive it a few miles to an RV park that had a dump station. That was a great cycle; when FEMA called last fall we could honestly say that we were road worthy and ready to go ASAP.

Oh yeah. And ours is paid for as well. Bikes and trailer are paid for too. We looked at some newer stuff and SWMBO'd sometimes talks about going back to work and getting a newer Newell but I'm pretty happy with the old 'bird.
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