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Originally Posted by Bigger Al

AND, if you screw it up it will cost a bunch to have a pro fix it. Carb tuning is a black art. If you have never done it you will never get it right the first time. or the second and likely not the third.

Of course, it would be an adventure, take lots of pictures

You have to decide if you want to spend your time fixing something that isnt broke or uh....Riding.

Also, if your KLR beat an 03 XR 250 I would be suspect that the XR never got out of first gear.

If you want to keep up with your buddies, try heading out in the lead on some tight single track. then they have to keep up with you.

Good luck
My father is a qualified mechanic, so i wont have any troubles with messing with the carb at all. Although, iv been thinking of swapping to an xr, or even some other carb, which just has the plain old cable operated round slide. I'v heard that the carby on the bike is what lets it down most performance wise.

The klr's and the xrs are actually very similar in HP. Well, the Klr's before 1990 anyway. So i dont see how this is of such a surprise to you. Although i expect the xr has a little more torque down low... Which is exactly what i'm looking for. My idea was that having the slide/cable operated carb may have given more controllable power. I can mono all of my mates bikes easily (xr's crf's etc.). I just want to be able to mono mine. Its really just that its not that responsive.... any more thoughts?

Thanks- EYY
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