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Triple good news today! But first I'll respond to a few posts.

Originally Posted by mtothef
must be some transatlantic synergy going on, but as the XT project from hell winds down i've been eyeballing the next time and money hole. initially i had been thinking of proper-dirting an sv650, but then ran into way too many considerations about cylinder and oil cooler and skidplate placement to be happy. so then i started looking at


kawasaki 650s. and before i knew it, i was contemplating


what frames they'd fit on for rolling chassis.

go for it! i'll be watching this one closely. a 640 roller makes way more sense than the old twin shock husky 500 frames i've been contemplating. but you seem more sensible than me that way anyhow. the kawasaki engine seems nicely compact. only concern i can see through my internet superpowers is countershaft sprocket to swingarm pivot distance, since the kawasaki motor doesn't seem to have a swingarm mount going through the back of it. but the ktm chassis looks like it'll have loads of room. way more than the usual suspects i have in mind (aside from the old husky roller, been eyeballing the scads of cr and yz frames around here...)

yeah! this ought to be cool!
Ha, same thinking then. Not sure if that speaks for either of us with the other money-pit projects we have going on!

If you are ever bored you could stop by (maybe bring Mr. Manners in your hand luggage).

Originally Posted by Foot dragger
Ive got an idea,you like to wrench and seem good at it,theres a perfect motor that will bolt right in.The stock snappy good running Lc4,just bulletproof it,there are more then a few standard fixes that will get one to 60,000 miles with out exploding. Boring I know but there it is.
Having a high performance single AND getting 55mpg are probably not going to happen easily though.
Did you just say bullet proof and LC4 in one sentence?

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to go with the twin. My DR runs very well now (better than the LC4 with Dellorto carb). Even if the LC4 would hold up, it would still be a single with lots of vibes and not feel good on the highway. And it won't ever come close to the twins 72+ HP and 50+ mpg.

Originally Posted by kyns
Lukas. Glad to see you are going, apparently with the er 6 engine. When i had mine, i was playing with the idea, of havin that engine in a dirt bike. But i saw one problem. The oil sump under the engine, extends quite low. When you have the engine in the Ktm frame the sump will probably go lower than the frame rails. I think it can bee fixed. The piece that goes low in the sump, is the area that has the drain plug in it, i think you could cut most of it away and make a new thread for the drain plug. If i remember right you can un bolt the sump without splitting the engine, so it should not be too bad to do. I hope! Anyway good luck with the build!
Thanks for the info. I would prefer not to mess with the oil sump since it's a proven design, so hopefully it will fit without having to do so. And I will definitely get a custom skid plate that should protect it! I'll know more once I can compare engine and frame.

Originally Posted by earthroamer
Well, I'm glad I only have to watch. My first choice would be, like suggested, to make the LC4 more reliable. I've seen people do this. For a transplant I'd go with the F650 Classic motor. Dual carbs (in the rear), very tunable, reliable, good mileage and I see a lot of low mileage ones on CL. They still hold a good price, tho, so maybe a wrecked one. But in the long run, no matter what you put in that KTM frame, how is it going to be that much better than a KTM?
It will have more power, less vibes, use less fuel, not be as stressed on the highway, longer service intervals, longer engine life, be more reliable and ..... Well, I guess that's about it!

A buddy would have given me a "reliable" F650 engine (with a gearbox problem) for free, but I think I have given up on the idea. Other than slightly improved economy it wouldn't offer me anything over the DR.

Originally Posted by Sycamore
If somewhere, somehow you could find one of these that hasn't been run into the ground - early 80's XT500.
I don't think 4 stroke singles ever came more reliable.
Are those the ones with the silver tank? My former neighbor was an XT nut and always had a few of them around, unfortunately I never caught the bug. Even if it would hold up forever and work ok offroad, I'd probably fall asleep riding it on a well surfaced roads. Need mo' powa!

Originally Posted by alpiv
LukasM: Looking at the engine and knowing that the 640 Adventure's air box is too small even for the 625 motor, what are you thinking for the air intake for the dual carb?
I have not thought about that at all yet. Is it really that small? Maybe go with a small Li-Ion battery relocated to the skid plate and make a new box out of composites that uses the new space. My knowledge of air box design is admittedly very limited. Would there be anything to watch out for other than increasing volume and a large enough opening located as high as possible?

Originally Posted by IheartmyNx
Some of you guys don't seem to think there is much difference in a Versys and Ninja...for the fun factor, I'd say Ninja. While the engines are the same, the significance is the Versys has a lower c/r.

The Versys has a lower compression ratio and different mapping in the computer than the Ninja. FFT when making a decision...You might can use a lower grade of fuel, and get a better, more usable mid-range...

But if I was going this rout, I'm sorry but I'd have to give the power nod to the Ninja engine.

Thank you for that video!!! I had never seen it before and absolutely loved it.

I would have preferred the Versys engine as well but it wasn't really a choice since I got such a good deal on the Ninja. But at least now I have all the electronics and can modify the frame the fit the engine. Should a cheap Versys engine pop up for sale, I will definitely grab it.

And now for the good news:

1. I contacted the guy who posted the Aprilia SXV with ER-6 engine video on Youtube. He already signed up for the forum and will hopefully chime in here soon. Welcome David!

2. My LC4 engine sold on Ebay today, for about the same as I have into the whole ER-6.

3. The ER-6 was delivered to my garage yesterday. I won't be there for another 2 weeks, but my buddy took some pictures for me. Engine looks good and headers are only slightly tweaked. Quite a few parts from the tank back that I can sell to free up some funds.

Either those cast wheels are strong or the forks are weak! This is the third Ninja I see with them cleanly broken off.

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