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Originally Posted by soewe812
So I rode the 50 miler Friday. The group I rode with was so slow it took us 10 hours. Needless to say, but my ass is sore. I actually rode 54 miles because I would push my friend and his son up the longer climbs, circling back for the other and leapfrogging them up the hill. Riding at night was interesting. I think an investment in some proper lighting is in the future(HID).

The downside is that my bottom bracket developed a bit of a click on this ride. It is worse when out of the saddle, but slightly clicks twice each revolution of the pedals. Any recommendations for corrective action?
It was a new build, so first step is to make sure everything's tight. The pedals are a big culprit. Loose crankarms may be too. The BB takes a special tool that you may/may not wanna buy now.

After that, if it still don't stop, it may and stess MAY be the frame.

Pedals are generally a 6mm allen. Crankarms are 8mm. BB is the second tool that Shimano made.


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