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Originally Posted by DAKEZ
Bad example there Mike.

Knary is very quick with the finger... As are all the PDX area ADV-nuts I know.

Up here if you crash and still have a pulse the cameras come out to record the carnage and get a picture of a salute before they render first-aid.

So Mike, I don't care much if you feel you earned it or not.

ADV-nuts are just a diverse group of riders that happen to have a great web-site to go to so they can communicate.

If you feel there is something you need to do to "earn" the right then I would suggest you have insecurity issues. Not a personal attack against you Mike. Just trying to communicate here.

Nope, perfect example. Scott doesn't randomly go giving the finger to folks he doesn't know. You're not saluting the sticker, you're saluting person.

When you use my name 3 times in the post and make a half-assed psychological evaluation based on something you think I said because you're too lazy to read or to dumb to understand what I said, and then say it's nothing personal. It comes across as insincere.

Just so we're clear, I'm not against thowing the finger. I do it to the people I've ridden with, camped with, or other wise have met and know. When some body does it to me that I've never met I think it's stupid. Like the HD rider who keeps calling me bra cuz we're both on a bike.

So for all you folks who feel you need a finger or a wave to belong.

Feel better now?
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