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Electrical stuff

Originally Posted by HeReTiK

My DR200, my daily driver, will not start. I am certain it is a electrical issue. This problem is intermittently preventing the bike from starting. Sometimes I will be driving and the bike will die completely.

- All electrical stuff works fine when ignition is turned on(Lights, horn, etc.)
- When shorted, starter relay turns starter motor but bike refuses to start.
- After testing, I discovered the starter button is NOT even getting voltage. This means obviously I have a problem very early on in the circuit.

The weird thing is that it's not just a problem with the electric start, it's a problem that is completely preventing the bike from starting.

Please help!

- HeReTiK

Thanks to the electrical diagram from Klay, and reading through the troubleshooting steps in the DR650 manual (same basic ignition/starter systems) it looks like the only components that affect both the ignition and starter circuits are the ignition switch, kill switch, and the side stand switch and relay (and their associated connectors and wiring).

The ignition switch is likely OK if the lights are working.

Check for battery voltage between the Orange/White and Black/White wires at the CDI unit. If the voltage is low or 0, the side stand switch, relay, or connections are bad; or the relay is not getting power.

It is also possible that the kill switch is not sending power to the starter switch, clutch switch and the side stand relay. Maybe you could take the switch apart and check all the connections and contacts inside.

Did you ever get the service manual? It should have a complete diagram, and simplified ones that show the start and ignition circuits, along with troubleshooting flowcharts. That may help you make some sense of what I described above.
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