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First off - thanks Andy and Klay for your help. I would be lost without you guys.

Originally Posted by Andyinhilo
The ignition switch is likely OK if the lights are working.
Yeah, that's what I figured. Everything like lights and horn are working with the exception of the elctric start.
Originally Posted by Andyinhilo
Check for battery voltage between the Orange/White and Black/White wires at the CDI unit. If the voltage is low or 0, the side stand switch, relay, or connections are bad; or the relay is not getting power.
Neither the O/W nor the White wire going to the CDI is getting voltage. (This was with the ground wire of the multimeter connected to the ground battery terminal and probing each metal connector with the red probe...)
Btw, battery is reading 12V as is the large positive terminal on the starter relay/solenoid.

- The sidestand switch is getting 1V at the G/W wire.
- Both my rear turn signals are disconnected, would this affect the circuit in any way?

Originally Posted by Andyinhilo
It is also possible that the kill switch is not sending power to the starter switch, clutch switch and the side stand relay. Maybe you could take the switch apart and check all the connections and contacts inside.

- I bypassed the clutch safety switch, which isn't even getting voltage.
- I've tested the starter button/kill switch assembly thoroughly and have found nothing wrong other than the fact that neither of the orange wires are even carrying voltage...

Originally Posted by Andyinhilo
Did you ever get the service manual? It should have a complete diagram, and simplified ones that show the start and ignition circuits, along with troubleshooting flowcharts. That may help you make some sense of what I described above.
I did actually. I've been pouring over it all morning. :(

Another thing I just tried was replacing the diode(The 3 prong thingy, I think) because I had an extra one lying around. No difference.

Any other ideas? I think the key to this is the fact that the problem is affecting BOTH the electric start and is preventing start by any other means...

Thanks for the the help.

- ReT
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