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I think you found it!

Originally Posted by HeReTiK
Did a little more testing.

- Ignition switch is definitely fine. The red wire going in is reading 12V, and when the switch is turned on, both the Orange and Green connections are reading 12V.
- The 6-Wire male connection block with primarily orange wires that goes to the Kill Switch/Start button assembly has one wire reading 12V. However, neither of the two orange wires that come out on the other end are carrying any voltage. I wonder if the connection block thingy is bad.... ? That would certainly explain it... I think?
That is certainly a problem. There is probably some corrosion in the connection block. Pull that thing apart, clean it up, and try to get the juice flowing through it. Then see what you have. You have to get 12V to that kill switch before anything else will work.
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