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[quote=Klay]Looks like a great setup! Got any stories?[/q

Just some good times. My DR exaggerates, making it look like i'm hard core. I ride with a guy who has a KLR, which he gave me the motivation to pursue my lifelong dream of owning a motorcycle.
Our my first off-road ride was quite a surprise, as I had only had the dr for a couple of months and previously, had never even driven one. In the local area of Chattanooga, TN there is a Wildlife place on Signal Mtn.
Prentice Cooper was to be my virgin ride of off-roading. To many this may not seem as a big ordeal, but I hadn't ridden much at all and holy cow! We took some pretty light and fun whoopty-do trails, in the beginning.
Then all of a sudden a light, soft substance was underneath my tires, what?! Sand! OMG! What fun! After I had dropped it a couple of times, I knew immediately, that landing in sand is much nicer on the legs than dropping on the hard, huge rock part of the trail. I must have dropped my bike 10 or 12 times on my first ride, including a creek crossing, which wasn't too bad. One would think as scratched, bruised, and broken as my DR was, and myself I would have not ridden again. Actually, that thought never came into my mind.
I wanted more!!! Give me creeks, sand and intensly hard uphills with large rock obstacles! I want more!!
After my first off-road ride in April 2007, my riding has greatly improved, I've expanded riding to overnight camping. The first overnighter was in the Blue Ridge Wildlife Mgt Area, near the AT, back in Feb. 2009.

Other than that, my DR has certainly earned the dents and dings.
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