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Originally Posted by HeReTiK
I fixed it! Yay!

The problem: A dirty ignition/sidestand relay(This is the block with 6 wires going into it under the seat). None of the wires going to it appeared to be loose, so I think it was just dirty. I sprayed it liberally with WD-40. I'm going to keep an eye on it for a while but everything is working fine.

Thanks Andy and Klay!

Unfortionately, I made a stupid mistake as I was putting everything back together. When I installed the Yamaha Raptor Petcock on the gas tank a few months ago, I bent back the lip on the bottom of the tank to permit the free movement of the valve. Since then I've wanted to try and trim it off. So today, I bend it back and forth a few times and it pops off, great, everything is good. Wrong. I had no idea this was a seam for the gas tank. Now the tank is gushing gas from the seam if I try to fill it. I drained the tank and hung it upside down so that the gas will evaporate from the tank so I can take it to a welder tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I gotta hit the yellow pages trying to find a local place that will take care of it. Ugh. :( I'm an idiot. As much as I like the Yamaha Petcock, I don't think it was worth all this trouble. What I SHOULD have done was just carefully grind down a small bit of the lip.

Any suggestions on what sort of places would fix this for me? All I need is someone to weld this small seam back together. I'm guessing it's like a 5 minute job or less....
Curse my stupidity . ;) At least I fixed my electrical problem. Yay for persistance. :)

- ReT
I would highly recommend a heavy duty epoxy for this repair. That way you wont have burned paint and the possibility of explosion. I had a pal that ruined a beautiful original Z1 tank, after a week of airing it out then filling with water and airing again, when he tried to weld it, whoomph! It cracked the paint all around the seams, and expanded enough that it no longer fit right.

The best thing to use is a product caled Marine-Tex, available at boat and marine supply stores. It will do the job, no worries, and you can do it yourself.
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