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Originally Posted by JohanPalm
Hello people,
How do you compare AT with bmw GS1150 ? Bmw has more power, but it is no use for me, I'm noob rider. These are two bikes that I think are best for ride around the world
Hi Johan,

If you are considering the bike for RTW, it depends where you will be traveling. Both are very reliable bikes, but shit happens, and it it does, you will need to have it fixed. I can only speak about Latin America, having lived and traveled extensively in Mexico, and being Ecuadorian and traveled through my country and Colombia on my 2003 Africa Twin. With this preamble, a few facts:

1. I have several friends who have traveled through South America on GS1150's and 1200's and they tell me that if you ever have an electrical issue, the only GOOD BMW shops in all of south America are in Santiago, Chile and one in Sao Paulo. Practically all the other dealerships are overpriced and the staff is not very knowledgable. Mexico only has a good one in Toluca and forget Central America.

2. The AT on the other hand is much more basic in its technology, and hence, easier to work on either on your own, or with some general mechanic.

3. On the $$ side, both parts and service will be much cheaper on the AT, and it's still a hell of a bike. Just look out for the typical issues

Don't get me wrong, I drool over the GS1200 Adventure more than anybody else, but after having heard all of this, I would definitely choose the AT for travel in the underdeveloped world. Cheers, and let me know if you come this way.
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