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Originally Posted by Mr Head
Yeah, new spokes. Simple.

2 broken spokes in the 32 hole world = weak wheel.

One of the things I miss from the good old days are real pro-bike shops. Places that could thread a spoke to length for you, and usually just fixed the wheel instead of giving you the spokes because they were fast, and didn't trust you to mess with a wheel.

Nothing like a grumpy old racer working on your bike. Bitching about you hitting potholes instead of riding around them. Swearing at you in a thick Dutch accent...

Later, once he figures out you rode 40 miles to his shop on your way to a 120 mile workout, just to slobber over the campy SR toys behind the glass, he brings out the wooden rims he used to race on cobbled roads of Europe. Then the stories come, and an afternoon and way too much espresso passes your lips. A shop, where the smell of old metal, oil and grese mix with the creaks and groans of the aged hardwood floor. Most of the light is provided by skylights, filtered through dusty old racing bikes hung in the wooden truss rafters.
I have not found REI to be too full of old school know-how.
Best wheel builder I've known worked with me at a PBS. MAN! Was that dood a wonder with a spoke wrench! Start to finish in appx 30-40 min with a perfectly true and round wheel at the end.

I've been trying to get like that since I met him.

Oh, and he was an artiste ON the bike too. Watched him clear some 3'+ tall logs without a thought.

Basically what I'm sayin is that the old LBSes aren't always the place to find good mechanics. Chain stores DO usually have their fair share of maroons tho.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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