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Adj. Torque wrench truing on oem DR650 wheels...

Woody, I'm about to check the torque and true on extremely low mileage wheels (550 miles) on a 07 DR650. I've got a Fasst Company adj. torque wrench and the listed oem specs are 3 ft/lbs or 36 inch/lbs.

I would like to be able to achieve evenly retorqued spoke nipples, without throwing out the probable good true of these wheels. I will have prelubed the spoke nipples and have the instructions at hand, for applying the every fourth spoke approach. Say the wheels are in true presently, should I check for the spoke "tone" first and address any that are dead sounding first, or strictly just begin with a full rotational retorque, backing off each nipple first and then bring back to 36 inch/lbs ?

Gave this new spoke torque wrench to a friend with an 07 CRF450X with 28 hours on it and only snugged spokes according to "ring" having been done up to this point. With lubed spoke nipples and breaking the nipples free before retorquing to oem specs using every fourth spoke, he ended up with the wheels out of true and had to finish by retruing in the traditional methods, loosen across draw in etc...

What are your opinions on the use of this torque wrench on these low mileage DR wheels ?

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