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Originally Posted by DoctorIt
They came on my new bike. I put them right on the 20 setting and I'm loving them. They feel pretty easy to clip out of, but if I yank real hard, they hold tight. So yeah, they're good. What was the question?
Did you try them on the 15 degree setting? How much side to side do your feet have once clipped in? I guess 6 degrees feels like alot to me. I'm going to try the 20 degree setting. They are super easy to clip out of. I was worried they would be hard to get out of. Now I can bunnyhop like three inches.

Originally Posted by Perry
they're more sole supportive and easier to use than the egg beaters.

good all around street pedal.
I got them for my MTB. The reason I went with the Candy is incase I break a cleat or mount I still have a little platform to pedal.
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