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Great story.

Originally Posted by wyobohunter
Some nice lookin bikes. Funny story that kinda relates...

I pulled my little Yamaha WRR into the convenient store the other day and parked next to a couple Harleys. As I was riding up to them some bozo in a car gives me the stare and shakes his head. As I get off and am taking off my helmet he makes it a point to walk up and say "Cool, Harleys" followed by a snort/sneer at my bike. I just answer "Yep, nice lookin' bikes". I can tell that his little brain is spinning at max RPM trying to come up with something smart ass to say about my little (Japanese) dual sport when the two Harley riders come out. First thing they say is "Cool dirt bike". Cager just walks away with a scowl and I have nice conversation and smoke with Harley riders.
You can usually tell the guys who actually ride a lot because they are usually the guys who don't give a rats ass what you are riding. I wouldn't mind getting one of those Milwaukee machines myself....Someday.

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