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I am saving the gist of Phyllis' critique of the "15% solution" because it merits a closer look and I don't want to lose it if the post is nuked. I gots some thinking to do, yet.

Originally Posted by phyllis
First off I'd like to apologise for my unseemly remark, to whit "Ha Fucken Ha" I was a bit upset.
.... I have doubted the veracity of "wheel lead formula" since Hack'd Magazine published it in 1994 (fall issue)...
The problem is if you do the math, you always get, yes, ALWAYS get 15%!! HUH?? Yes... 15% of wheel base wether the wheelbase is 48" or 60" or 66". How about 3" "lineal offset'? Still 15% lead. No! No! No! Not every time? I'm afraid so!
However this doesn't mean that there isn't some good in the article, at least it made some of us think! And perhaps re-evaluate our favourite settings. The article mentions all manner of terms that I for one have never heard of, and frankly think are irrelevancies.
Who cares about static scrubbing of the sidecar tyre? It's the dynamic situation that is important to me and most other USERS of that wonderfull yet flawed device that we so love.Who cares that the headstem moves side to side or falls slightly when you turn the bars at a standstill? You don't use much steering input when you're on the move. Your biggest problem is being ABLE to turn the bars with a stock front end. (Getting older, getting weaker...sadly)
The article rabbits on about steering wobble, and it's causes, yet doesn't mention TRAIL...
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