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[QUOTE=Nemosengineer]Claude, I don't know why I like this idea so much, elegant in its simplicity, but as we all know, the Devil is in the details. As I "roll" the caster wheel around in my head, I can visualize really interesting weight transfer issues when turning left at speed, the pivot for caster wheel would mean that the rig would have a variable track, working in your favor as the track would be narrower turning right and wider turning left, if an inclined pivot on the vertical axis of the caster wheel (left and right rotation) was used, the wheel would have less of a tendency to tuck under when side loaded as in a left turn. I also have visions of the one spastic caster wheel on the front of a shopping cart...
Do you have any more information as to how well (or not...) this idea worked as I am fascinated by this idea.

The late Floyd
Pop' Dreyer was also well known in racing circles, both sidecar and later on auto racing. He is a member of the AMA hall of fame. Click here:
The dealership that he began is still in existance:
Dreyer Motorsports 4170 W Washington St Indianapolis IN Indiana 46241-0938 (317) 243-2203 (877) 413-8881
Greg Tenbrook (sp?) from Indiana has a couple of Dreyer sidecars. I think he has one of the floppy wheel designs. This is the last email address I have for Greg. He is a great guy. If you contact him please say hello for me :-)

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