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Maybe I'm missing something here Claude
I just read that last bit a couple of times to make sure I had read it correctly.
With race cars, the aim is to get the roll centres as low as possible, generally speaking. There is always room for adjustment to slightly change handling, i.e. to induce more oversteer/understeer for a particular track or situation. But when building the car, much thought is put into building low down weight, and when ballast is added to bring the car up to a competition weight limit, it's always placed low in the frame.
So why, when building an outfit, would you need to raise the rollcentre.
I'm currently in the early stages of building a dual purpose rig and have been planning to put a 38 litre auxilliary tank low down, inside the triangle formed by the three wheels.
Should I be re-thinking where I put the tank?
Input from Richard, Phyllis etc welcome too
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