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Phyllis wrote:
>>Trailing arm suspension systems do have a roll centre, and it is situated at ground level! <<

If this is true can the roll center be raised? If not, how does that explain what we did with the k bike. Not being difficult just curious what your input may be.
The pic below is really bad but you can see the torsion bars and how high they were mounted. As stated I had spun it out in a turn toward the sidecar two different times. Once with the swaybar hooked up and once without. Both times there was no body on the sidecar frame. We figured it was due to a higher roll center being acheived by the placement of the bars.
Oh, in the picture it had a 205 tire on the rear and a 195 on the front and the sidecar. Track width was close to 60 inches and lead was around 14". No lean out. The spin outs took place with 135s all around.
Prior to doing the high mounted torsion bars there was no way it coudl have been spun out the same way under the same conditions with no body on the sidecar frame.
Dang it are you all going to make me build another one of these things?

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