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A couple of things.....first of all, it seems as though some of the shortages are very gradually beginning to abate. Primers, with the exception of large rifle, are sporadically available now and I'm seeing more in the way of powder and bullets as well. Same with both guns (Glocks, ARs, M1As, S&W revolvers....stuff which had become unobtainable for several months there) and loaded ammo. I realize that this thread is about reloading, but I suspect more than a few new reloaders have been created by the recent "crisis" and consequent upward tick in ammo prices.

What are you guys seeing? Aurelius? You're in the opposite end of the country from me so I'm curious to know what is and isn't readily available there.

Recent reloading project of mine: The 9.3x74mmRimmed round!! Picked up a beautiful Ruger No. 1 Medium Sporter in that oddball caliber. It's a .366 bore and bullets aren't readily available. I ordered some from Midway, some Hornady 286 grainers (seems to be a fairly 'standard' weight in that caliber) and also some Nosler PBs, same weight. I'll use it for deer and elk hunting this fall. Dies were tough to find, I ended up ordering both FL and neck sizers directly from RCBS. Just yesterday I rec'd the neck sizer and the seating dies, but the FL sizer was backordered. Oh well, this will get me started. I've got 100 brand new Norma cases, so will put together some rounds this evening and take them to the range this weekend. The power of this large round is less than a 375H&H, probably closer to the 338 Win. Mag. It ought to make a great deer and elk gun out to 200 yards, and I don't take shots on big game beyond that distance anyway. I'm more excited about playing with this strange duck than I have been about any "black gun" or fancy-ass tactical rifle, much as I enjoy all aspects of shooting sports.
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