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Old 11-15-2005, 10:12 AM   #1
jcolombo OP
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Why you need a scooter!

Falling for the siren song of the Stella (thanks Photog!), I smuggled one into California via Ohio a couple of weeks ago. I've been riding bikes, mostly big BMWs for 20 years, but after a couple of weeks, I have to say that I've been missing out. Here's why we all should get scooters:

1) 2 stroke motors:

OK, I know there are non-2 strokes out here, but if, like me, you have not had the experience of owning a 2 stroke, you owe it to yourself to get one before they go that that great regulation in the sky. Great sound, fun to play with the powerband, dead simple and puts a smile on my face everytime I slow down and hear the "bing-bing-bing" sound. I just can't imagine going through life this long without having experienced this technology (those of you nodding as you gaze at your RD350 can continue to smile smugly).

2) Different roads, different sights, different experiences

My normal commute is 22 miles down a 4 lane, high speed (average > 80 MPH) freeway in the Bay Area. Although I know some people will hop their scooter up enough to ride on the freeways, I don't think there is a piston kit big enough to play in that world. So, I took the ironically-named "Foothill Expressway" to work. Nice, four lane road meandering through upscale communities, tree-lined streets and rolling hills. It's a road I would never take to work, yet being on the scooter forced me there, and I was much better for it. I arrived at work relaxed, smiling and all of about 15 minutes later than that high-speed freeway push. If this is not the single best aspect of scootering, I don't know what is.

3) Size matters

Sure, we all can handle the big bikes by now, but the feeling of moving around a 200 lb scooter in traffic, lane splitting at stoplights and just wiggling about is a nice one. I keep moving off the centerstand expecting the big weight of the big bike, and continue to be surprised at just how easy it is to move this thing around. How much weight do you really need to carry your 160 lbs around anyway?

4) Simple rules!

Simple engine, simple suspension, simple electrics, simple controls. I love what all the electronics can do for me on the BMW, but it's cool to be able to know that I can fix anything on the bike should the issue come up. Also, knowing I'm not going to be going 120+ on the scooter gives me additional confidence to take on jobs like brakes and bearings that I would not attempt on the big bike. And, as we know, confidence is the one thing you really need to have to do a job right.

So, for all you scooter-less people, beg borrow or steal a ride and see what you think. It's not the same biking experience most of us are used to, but for some it just might be something better.

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Old 11-15-2005, 10:58 AM   #2
Saint "Alloy"sius
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Joined: Nov 2002
Location: Bucks County, PA
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Well said. The only thing I would add is the "reaction factor". Look at the faces as you pass by. I'm new to the game but the scooter seems to evoke very sensual responses.
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Old 11-15-2005, 11:13 AM   #3
lynch not Zimmerman
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When I started riding bikes again after a layoff of......several years, I rode in the country at 40 - 45 mph.

You can actually ~see~ things at that speed.

Then came better developed riding skills and bigger bikes and the speed creeped up to where I had better give 105% of my attention to things that were necessary for keeping me alive e.g., the line, wildlife, traffic and general road conditions.

With scooters I'm back at 40 mph and seeing things again. Very nice.
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Old 11-15-2005, 12:11 PM   #4
Joe Dirt
Gnarly Adventurer
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Good thread fella's!

My $0.02: It's simple. Life is getting increasingly complex and I think we're all buying into it. The demands of adult life are one thing but I think we've all been sold more complex replacements for simple pleasures so long that we increasingly tend to take the initiative ourselves even without slick marketing. You need a SUV to go to the mall, a $3.50 coffee for the trip, and some entertainment via some elaborate kid-calming system to keep the peace. Similarly, I'm certainly guilty of over-complicating motorcycle riding.

When I was younger I'd hop on my Hawk GT to run up to the store for small items. I was young and reckless! I'd just wear whatever I had on. Now I'm older and wiser and I gear up for a wreck when I ride. The idea of doing all that for a 2 mile round trip to the store is kind of laughable. So my motorcycle doesn't leave the garage except for weekends when I have time to gear up and ride all day. Only that doesn't happen much either. So what happened to the simple fun of getting my mullet in the breeze and leaning into some turns? And where did all the free time go that I used to spend riding out in the country?

My scooter has rejuvinated my joy for riding. Need a cup of sugar Honey!? I'll be right back!!! Sure, I'm not geared up for 100+ mph asphalt surfing but who cares? I'm adequately dressed and on two-wheels in under a minute! My twist-n-go scooter can run with the flow of traffic all over town. I garrauntee I'm the only guy smiling about running errands. What's not to love!?!!? I wasted my breath justifying a scooter purchase based on whatever I thought would convince my wife but really only one thing matters now: It makes me smile.
2007 KTM 990 Adventure
Average Joes View Of The World
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Old 11-15-2005, 01:13 PM   #5
Saint "Alloy"sius
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Joined: Nov 2002
Location: Bucks County, PA
Oddometer: 26,174
I agree

Cutting out the big production involved in riding the big bikes actually brings back the long-lost spontaneity.

If I need to justify the cause (and I don't), citing the 90 miles per gallon factoid usually suffices.
IBA #17734
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Old 11-16-2005, 03:06 AM   #6
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I pick up mad bitchez with my phat ride!!!

1994 Yamaha Riva 125
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Old 11-16-2005, 09:17 AM   #7
Under Da Sea
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Originally Posted by R1150GSA
Cutting out the big production involved in riding the big bikes actually brings back the long-lost spontaneity.
I've got stay the fuck out of it written on a stone tablet in my bedroom. - Con Stapleton
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