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Old 01-13-2010, 12:09 AM   #1
nicomama OP
Rugged Rider
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Joined: Mar 2008
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
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Solo Chick Nicomama Kickin' it New School in San Diego's Back Country

Well, since I'm signed up to get down and dirty for my first time with March Madness Death Valley ride's wild 2010 group, I thought it'd be wise to get some top notch dirt schoolin' from one of the best dirt bike schools around this last weekend...

Thanks to J Sheets, or jjustj around here whom I met through my solo Grand Canyon ride report, I was introduced to two of the neatest and accomplished MSF and ASI licensed instructors and motocross racers...Bonnie Warch and Andrea Beach of Coach2ride.

I signed up immediately and was thrilled to find out that I was only sharing Bonnie's instruction with another rider, Paul, out of Calabasas, CA.

Here are Bonnie and Andrea showcasing the motocross talent and experience that they bring to back up their easy-going and adaptable instructional style.

Bonnie and Andrea adjust the course based on your current riding ability whether you are a green as Kermit beginner, advanced MX shredder or studly world ADV rider. All types of riders can benefit from Coach2ride's custom tailored dirt school.

Make sure to sign up for the oh-so-popular 2 day dirt course that has you tackling proper riding technique drills the first day and then hitting some exciting trail rides to put your recently acquired knowledge to the test the second day.

Since I wanted to use my own bike, Bonnie suggested I trailer my DRZ for the 3 hour trip from Los Angeles to Ramona in the back country of San Diego where the school is located.

So, I borrowed a Mototote and no sooner did I load the thing before I realized that there was a hitch in the plans. The new lockable hitch pin didn't fit and the old one was misplaced.

So, what does any respectable adventure rider do for plan B? Hop on the bike, of course! Sure, I had to streamline my duffle bag contents, but at 4 in the afternoon on a Friday on the infamous 405 freeway out of Los Angeles I sure was glad that splitting lanes was in my vocabulary.

I whipped out my handy ratchet straps to crank down my load before zipping off on my adventure. For those of you who need a reminder of how to work these straps I took a few extra shots to show you.

They come in two pieces like this, so...

first I grab the long strap with my right hand and thread it all the way through the underside of the pin...

Then I thread it up around the back side of the pin and down into the half-way slit of the pin...

Then you pull it through the bottom of the pin back over the other part of the strap and take up the extra slack...

Then you secure the hooks into your rack with the ratchet side of the straps facing up...

And lastly, you grab the rubber ratchet release with your thumb and squeeze it as you crank it back onto itself to start ratcheting.

Voila, now I have a load that won't budge on the Rugged Rider 2-in-1 DRZ cargo rack that I designed.

Here's my DRZ with the Sport Rack that follows the lines of the fender for daily cargo carry...

And for those longer adventure rides just bolt on the Adventure Rack...

And you're ready to strap on larger adventure loads...

Off I flew as I navigated through LA traffic with a smile on my face. How great it was to be greeted by my old UCSB roommate, Chris, and her family in Carlsbad for a night of great food, lots of laughter and endless catching up.

It sure felt like home...

Got a little beauty sleep before hitting the road in the morning for an hour long sunrise jaunt to Ramona on scenic hwy 78 to the Barona Speedway in the gorgeous back country of San Diego. Post more tomorrow guys.
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Old 01-13-2010, 06:11 AM   #2
Mod Squad
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Joined: Aug 2002
Location: Toronto, ON
Oddometer: 57,117
Thanks for the pictorial introduction

On to Plan B
ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Old 01-13-2010, 06:43 AM   #3
Just Learning
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Joined: Jun 2007
Location: North Phoenix
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I will be waiting for the rest of the report. Good Luck.......
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Old 01-13-2010, 07:36 AM   #4
A DRZ kind of guy
jeff_in_rc's Avatar
Joined: Mar 2005
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Oddometer: 616

Looking good so far and I just LOVE your rack!

Woa there guys, I'm talking about the rack on the DRZ, now get you minds outta the gutter!

Which mount did you use for the Cycra hand guards, the bar mount or the top triple clamp mount? I just put a set of Cycra's on my DRZ and used the triple clamp mount and they sure seem soild.
Go forth and modify my friend.
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Old 01-13-2010, 07:58 AM   #5
Lewddite at large...
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Joined: Jun 2004
Location: BFE, SW Oregon/SF BayO'rea
Oddometer: 4,305
That is a nicely set up DRZ!!!!

What kind of headlight/windshield set up is that??

"...when I handed the 40 ouncer to him, he got that far off stare that a cat gets when it just gets done licking its ass for the last 15". Yeah, THAT stare." -WTF-Over
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Old 01-13-2010, 09:16 PM   #6
nicomama OP
Rugged Rider
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Joined: Mar 2008
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Oddometer: 468
Thanks Gadget Boy and Desert Rider.

Jeff in RC, I have the triple clamp mount for the Cycras like you and absolutely love how solid they are when the bike takes a dirt nap. Thanks for the compliment on the rack. I knew you weren't in the gutter.

DaFoole, love your name. My headlight is a Baja Designs Sol Tek 8"er. It sure lights up the way after the sun drops fast. As for the windshield, I got the Dart flyscreen for the Triumph Scrambler out of the UK. It looked like it was close enough to jerry rig to the DRZ, and I did. You can check out the 7th page of my Grand Canyon ride report about half way down to see my homemade bracket setup that cost me a couple bucks at the local hardware store.

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Old 01-14-2010, 05:50 PM   #7
just a guy
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: okieland
Oddometer: 888
and gusto-rama to you. I was at a client's house today and her daughter was having a piano lesson, the instructor left and mom started talking about practicing. a schedule for practicing, and I took tne mom aside and said you never, ever, ever practice, you play. You just play. On the ivories, in the dirt, on the track, on the guitar. Let's play. Great to see you honing your skills, Nico, driving the dream, playing.

I have a Februray date with the Renazcos's for my nx250. But Nico, I've got my Hein Gericke leathers from 1982, norton commando days in the valleys of manhatten, and i still wear them. Fit like snake skin. What is this spread you speak of? Do you coat you seat with sure grip? Like a sandwich spread?

Glad you are expanding you product line, your newsletter is a treat, your work and dedication to a business based on a passion is really inspiring. Hard hard work. Hopefully this economic trench du jour is on the upswing, I received, today, 4 calls from clients who want my design/building services again. Huge smile. This is after a total shutdown from September, last year. A wave of just go away, no extranious projects, we'll call you, etc. Bankers, merchants, industrialists with capital for recreational property enhancements. So, what's a motorcycle rack or two? Let's go....gentlemen, good stuff from a jewel, order up. If you havn't seen her Rugged Rider website, or her products, check it a way i am promoting a great looking product I'll never buy, cause it doesn't fit my vintage needs. I wish it did, but i bought a tubing bender, fresh welder, etc. to perhaps provide a product for a niche market, and what this woman has done is very, very neat. And i am totally supportive of her drive, her initiative, and involvement in a male dominated sport. So rack it up, guys, she's got the break.

Let's us just have great year,

Two lane roads and two bit towns

Rockydog woofs the Isles, British Isles
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Old 01-16-2010, 07:26 PM   #8
Beastly Adventurer
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I give it about a year before we get to read nicomomma's "solo tour of Africa" thread

great RR nicole!
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