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PARTY BOSS™'s Avatar
Joined: Apr 2002
Location: VAGINYA
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Rick's Rendevouz - MAY 16TH -20TH 2012

Here We Go Again!

99'F'n 650,
04'xt225 yamahammer
00' R0050RS Kinder Beemer SOLD

When my mood gets too hot and I find myself wandering beyond control I pull out my motor-bike and hurl it top-speed through these unfit roads for hour after hour. My nerves are jaded and gone near dead, so that nothing less then hours of voluntary danger will prick them into life..."

T.E. Lawrence

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Occasional lurker
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Location: East Tennessee
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Thanks to all that have stepped in and made this event happen in a tribute to Rick. I know many have spent countless hours picking up the pieces and putting the rally back together again. A special thanks to Silke, Hunter, Chris, Mike & Robbie and others involved with organizing as well as the ride captains Mike, Todd, Kevin (the fake Kenny), BigDoc, Fe Man,257 Bob, Carmen (aka Fancy Indigo), BackwoodsKLR & Wlfman. I know Candy and the kids as well as the whole Kiehna family really appreciate everyone's efforts and hard work. I look forward to seeing everyone at Rick's Rendezvous!


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me? what?
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Mars
Oddometer: 11,507
During Ricks service the priest said: "We must finish what he started" ... so here it is:

Rick's Rendezvous,
May 16th-20 2012

Same location as the last two years, right of the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile post 248

Our hosts will be Freebornes Eatery and Lodge (Rooms and Cottages) and Wild Woody's Campground (Wooded Campsites and Camper Trailers which have beds only in them):

Tent Camping is available at both Wild Woody's and at the field behind Freeborne's - $10 per person/night. Payment must be made for either site at Wild Woody's. Wild Woody's also has some old camper trailers for rent.

RV Parking: behind Freebornes (up to 30 ft, no hook-ups), or at Wild Woody's (no hook-ups). $10 per person/night - just like for camping. Payments must be made at Wild Woody's.


Freeborne's will be open for breakfast everyday, Fri through Sun. Free Coffee and Donuts and/or muffins will be available at the "party central trailer" each morning. First Sponsor plug-in : Thank you Have A Cup for supplying the coffee!!!!

A country store, which sells beer, is located on the left side of the Freeborne's building .

Starts Thursday morning, you will get your wrist-band (your ID to get free beer and food), your cup (don't lose it!), t-shirt and a sticker - and your shot-glasses (if you ordered any).

In order to get our numbers for dinner right, please go to this thread and answer the poll

Thursday evening:
  • Jamie James aka the "Raging Cajun" will most likely show up and help us cook his famous Jambalaya . Dinner time around 6:30pm. For those who don't know him, here's a bit of his resume: AMA Superbike Champion, AMA 750 Supersport Champion, AMA 600 Supersport Champion, AMA Pro Twins Champion, Suzuki Cup Series 1100 Champion, Suzuki Cup Series 600 Champion (guess who send me the info )
Friday evening:
  • Grubs: 6:30PM, Burgers and Stuff... followed by some kegs of refreshing malt beverage
  • Shot glass invitational (see below)
Saturday evening:
  • Dinner @ 6:30 pm: Surf and Turf... and more beer Please let me know if you are allergic to surf, and we'll make sure we got some turf that is cooked separately.
  • Door Prizes - please see our list of sponsors below.
  • Entertainment will be provided by Pierce Edens, a great musician from Asheville

The sale of the T shirts, and shot glasses will as usual fund the food and beverages and the Saturday band. We will provide One of a Kind designs on the shirt, mugs and stickers. Mugs and stickers are also included in the shirt price. Cost of the T-shirts will be $55, $57 if paying by paypal (same price as before to keep it fair to everybody).

Send payments to Silke Crombie, PO Box 1294, Mars Hill, NC 28754. Paypal payments will be accepted

We recommend everybody to pay $55 by check. Payments via paypal will be $57 due to the fees paypal charges.

Be sure to include your shirt size and ADVRider user name when ordering (check or paypal). If you don't indicate the size we will order you a XS shirt.

Since this thread was closed and we needed a few days to regroup, we extended the sign-up deadline to APRIL 20th.



Important Update: If you already paid to the PARTY BOSS, your reservation is good to go. As a reference we are using the original in and paid list. If you paid and your name is NOT on the list, please email us a receipt/copy of the cleared check by 4/20/12 and we will honor your reservation. email: Please don't show up with a receipt at the rally and expect to be on the list. Since we do not have access to the previously collected money at this time, we will not be able to refund anybody that has paid to Party Boss - sorry.


This year we are breaking out some custom made Stainless Steel Shot Glasses, as a tribute to Rick, and to help raise some money for the cause.

Prices are $5.00 each, or a set of four for $15.00

Order now, and we will bring them to the Rally. If you want one (or more) but can't make it to the rally this year, we will ship them to you for an extra $5.00 (any amount). Just send a check or paypal to the same address as you would for Rally reservations. Shot glasses will also be available for purchase at the event.
Send payments to Silke Crombie, PO Box 1294, Mars Hill, NC 28754. Paypal payments will be accepted at

Anyone who ordered shot-glasses will be invited to our shot-glass invitational on Friday evening. Of course we will accept good Tequila and/or good Scotch as a bribe....

Sponsors for this years event:

Please let any of our sponsors that you talk to know, that you appreciate their support of this event!
Off course, we are always open to new sponsors if you would like to supply door prizes, or help in any way, just pm Hunter aka BDXMPL .

Things to make your life easier:

We will bring basic tools, compressor, battery charger, tow straps, pickup truck and ramps etc.

And there will be a basic first aid kit, including braces, and some painkillers for the mornings

The charging station for all your smart and not so smart items (use at your own risk - our electrician Kenny is setting it up....) will be at "party central". Just a heads up for all attendees, only two cell phones work at the event site, Verizon and Alltell. But who needs a phone anyway?

Disclaimers :

We as organizer, provide only information regarding this event. However you join all events totally voluntary and at your own risk. We are absolutely not responsible for things that happen to you, or your gear. Neither at the event nor at the arrival and departure. In case of an accident, damage or loss you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other. You accept this by registration for the rally!


Anyone attending a Ride or Event organized through the ADVRIDER.COM Forums does so at their own risk. or anyone organizing an event posted here will not be held responsible in any way for damage or personal injury sustained while attending any such events.
Persons/members attending any such event do so at their own risk.


Cut´tle (k?t´t'l)
1.(Zool) A cephalopod of the genus Sepia, having an internal shell, large eyes, and ten arms furnished with denticulated suckers, by means of which it secures its prey. 2. A foul-mouthed fellow

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Old 12-04-2011, 05:01 PM   #4
ktmMike's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2005
Location: NC/TN Mountains
Oddometer: 1,263

There are no official rides for the Eastern Rendezvous.
We have individuals who go on rides and welcome you to ride along.
No part of your attendance fee has anything to do with any rides.
All riders are responsible for their own actions.
Above all, ride safe.

Please do not post descriptions of other people's rides.
Instead, all ride questions should be referred back to this page (page one)
for the list of ride links which contain all info.


Some of our ride leaders use the following

(Thanx to KnyBanjo for his suggestion of posting a single set of standardized rules.
These rules were developed for rides with 60 - 70 turns.
YOUR ride leader MAY choose to use these rules, OR his own depending on his route).

1. Please show up to your ride with a full gastank.

2. Please show up to your ride at least ten minutes before departure time.

3. In order to avoid delays during the ride:
a. No passing others in the group regardless of whether they are moving or standing still. If the rider in front of you stops, YOU STOP WITH HIM. That means that everyone behind you will stop too!
(Suppose the rider in front of you slows down because his bike is breaking down or because he has a flat tire. If you continue past him, the leaders see you coming and procede further and further from the problem. Confusion like this makes for a long day). If everyone stops, the leaders will return shortly.
b. If you want to swap places in line, please do so during a stop.
c. If you want to split early/mid-ride, stop and tell the sweep what you are doing so we don't spend time looking for you (and make sure you have the maps to find your way back to camp).

4. Ride at your own pace:
NEVER try to catch up to riders in front of you. Continue straight ahead. Someone will be waiting for you at the next left or right turn.

5. Safety:
Please leave plenty of room between yourself and the rider in front of you. When he has to slam on his brakes, he doesn't need you crashing into the back of him and ruining EVERYONE's day. Also, there is nothing worse than having to change the way you ride all day because of what's going on in your mirror. If a rider keeps getting too close behind you, flash your brake lights repeatedly as a reminder to BACK OFF.

6. Tire repair:
a. All riders with tubed tires should carry a spare tube the size of their largest diameter tubed tire,
(NOT just a tube patch kit, which takes longer).
b. All riders with tubeless tires should carry a plug kit.
c. Bring tire-pump if you've got one.

7. Cash:
Carry cash for gas please. Rural gas stations often do NOT take credit/debit cards.

8. No whining.


THE RIDES (so far)
post #5 = KTM Mike's All-kinds-of-gravel-ride
FRIDAY & SATURDAY 845AM @ Mabe's Gas Station (3 mi. north of rally)

post #6 = Kny Banjo's Late Train
FRIDAY & SATURDAY 1030AM in grassy area behind Freeborne's MOTEL

post #8 = AdvTenn's Singletrack&Guardrail Tour
FRIDAY & SATURDAY 9AM in parkinglot behind Freeborne's RESTAURANT

post #74 = BigDoc's Historicalride
SATURDAY 10AM in parking lot behind Freeborne's RESTAURANT

post #109 = Fe Man's Mindlesswandering&miscellaneoussceneryride.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY sometime after breakfast near the bikes

post #329 = 257BOB's S.O.B. Ride
SATURDAY 930AM in grassy area behind Freeborne's MOTEL

post # 709 = BackwoodsKLR's Earlybirdmostlypavementride.
SATURDAY 830AM on front porch of Freeborne's RESTAURANT

post # 1275 = Wlfman's 100% Street Ride.
Friday 830AM in grassy area behind Freeborne's MOTEL.

post# 1353 = Gaston Gagne's Tour de Escarpment.
Thursday 930AM in parkinglot behind Freeborne's RESTAURANT.

Want details for each ride? Click on each link above.
Not enough details? PM each Ride Leader so he/she will know what
to add.

Any others?
Post your ride anywhere on this thread,
then PM me the post# so I can link you in.

You can't have too many rides at these rallies.
More rides = fewer riders per ride = better rides.

Exploring on your own or in small groups is highly encouraged. Maybe you can learn enough roads to lead another ride next year?

################################################## ##############################
The rest of this is NOT required reading for ride participants, but may be of interest to those leading rides, or those thinking of leading rides in the future.
OK Kevin, you asked for it. Here it is:
My relay men allow me to be 2 or 3 intersections ahead of my sweep. Briefly: A relay man is in charge of a natural gap between riders of different speeds, NOT in charge of a group of people. If you are leading a ride of 2 dozen riders or more, and you ask each rider to wait for the rider behind him at every turn, IT WILL NOT WORK because there are too many people to screw it up, and you can bet, one of them will.

One great thing about this system is that riders who are faster than me, can ride faster than me, without passing me.
The other great thing is that no one on the ride has to know where we are going but me.This system developed out of necessity.

Here's how it originated: Before the 7th Annual RenDezVous, someone kept posting that my ride was a "dirt" ride, when actually my RDV rides usually have some twisty pavement and lots of steep twisty gravel mountain roads with 60 - 70 turns at 60 - 70 intersections. On the Friday ride, a dozen riders showed up on knobbies and another dozen on street oriented dual-sport tires. On the gravel sections of the ride, a LARGE gap opened up in the middle of the pack, with the knobby riders up behind me, and the street riders way back with the Ralph the sweep. The front group had to wait waaaaay too long at each intersection for the others to arrive. So I asked Mango, a fast rider, to get at the back of group 1, and wait by himself at each intersection until group 2 arrived AND until he could see Ralph the sweep WAVE HIS HAND to let Mango know he could SEE him. For the rest of the day, at each intersection, group 1 left Mango behind, and Mango waited until Ralph could see him, and then Mango would abandon group 2 and race to the back of group 1, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Here's how it works now:
On my kind of ride, any group develops gaps between riders of different speeds. Let's say my group develops 2 gaps, A & B, forming 3 groups, 1, 2, & 3. I ask X-factor (who is faster than me) to find gap A, and he puts himself in it. Katoom gets into gap B, and Taz rides sweep. I wait at each of the 65 intersections until I can see X-factor wave his hand,
then I take off in a certain direction. X-factor waits at that spot until Katoom appears and waves his hand. X-factor now races after me and group 1. Katoom waits to see Taz wave, then heads in the direction X-factor went. Results: X-factor and Katoom get to ride as fast as they want after leaving each intersection. AND each rider knows which direction to go.
Fast riders usually think they want to get right up behind the leader. With this system a fast rider can ride faster than me if he wants, but he must change positions to do that. Lets say I have a fast rider right behind me in group 1 who wants to go faster than me, but slower than X-factor. He can get behind X-factor at the head of group 2, and race after X-factor after each intersection. If he is faster than me AND faster than X-factor, then he can ride at the BACK of group 1, hang out with X-factor at each intersection until the last second, and race after group 1 with X-factor behind him.

Steep twisty bumpy gravel mountain roads are not good for passing, but with this system there is no need for passing. Since there are SO MANY intersections, positioning can be sorted out pretty quickly first thing in the morning. Now let's say we have a flat tire in the middle of group 3 (a COMMON occurance on these rides). As the Ride Rules say: NO PASSING. If the rider in front of you stops, you stop with him and everyone behind you stops too. So Taz the sweep and half of group 3 are stopped with the flat. Katoom can't proceed from HIS intersection because Taz doesn't show for 2 or 3 times the normal amount of waiting time, so he returns to Taz's location with the front half of group 3. X-factor can't proceed from HIS intersection, because Katoom doesn't show. So he returns to Taz with all of group 2. I can't proceed from MY intersection, because X-factor doesn't show, so I return to Taz with all of group 1. By the time I get back with group 1, Katoom is half way finished changing the tire, because according to the rules, each rider with tubed tires brought a NEW TUBE, not just a patch kit which takes longer.
At the time of the flat, I was 3 intersections beyond my sweep in this example.
This system keeps everybody moving, with short waiting times, and a lack of confusion WHEN things go wrong.
KTM MIKE . . . . . . . KTM EQUIPPED SINCE 1999
three 640's (sold), two 950's (sold),
530 EXC Supermoto, 690 SMC, 990 SM-R

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Location: NC/TN Mountains
Oddometer: 1,263

Standard Rules Apply. See post 2:

Please do NOT attend this ride unless you are proficient at riding in gravel, i.e. steep gravel, deep gravel, loose gravel, steep-deep-loose gravel, large gravel, small gravel, freshly-graded gravel, all kinds of gravel.
No gravel-newbies on THIS ride please.

Because my rides typically include 60 -70 turns, we use a relay system so that the frontrunners DO NOT have to wait for all riders at all turns. In fact, no one has to wait for long.

Those of you who have ridden "relay" or "sweep" on my previous rides, please PM me if you can help me on one or more days at this (2012) 11th annual RDV event. Thanx.

Meeting place, day & time: Mabe's Gas & Grocery 3 miles NORTH of the rally site,
8:45am Friday 5/18/12 & Saturday 5/19/12. No passengers please.

Lunch: Bring your own (Beef jerky, trail mix, or you can pick up something from Freeborne's or Mabe's to tide you over until the evening feast back at camp). We plan to eat lunch at the motorcycle campground gazebo over on Zion Road like last year, or wherever we end up due to delays.

Motorcycles: Adventure bikes, dual sports, Supermotos.
(No Crotch Rockets, No Full Dressers, No Cruisers, No Scooters, No Elephants).

Tires: Street oriented dual sport tires work just fine on this ride.
Knobbies are NOT necessary.

Gastanks: Be able to go 80 miles between fuel stops.

################################################## ###
KTM MIKE . . . . . . . KTM EQUIPPED SINCE 1999
three 640's (sold), two 950's (sold),
530 EXC Supermoto, 690 SMC, 990 SM-R

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kinda slow
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Location: out in the clover patch
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The Late Train aka The Hangover Ride

Meet @ 10:30 Friday and Saturday (place to be announced)

In '12 I will be implementing Mike's 'Relay System' as well as the 'Standard Rules' as listed in post #2

CLICK HERE print it, read it, memorize it then learn it, love it and live it!!

(seeking reliable volunteers to ride relay Friday and/or Saturday...send PM)

Some history for the uninitiated:

and the aftermath

and it's aftermath

2012? stay tuned..

'12 scouting rides:

I will once again seek out the absolute worst roads that I can find, potholes, chipseal, sandy apexes, off camber turns, blind turns, narrow, steep, dirt, gravel, deep marbled gravel, steep deep narrow marbled gravel with blind off camber turns and cows and tractors blocking the road just around the corner, dogs will chase us, big mean dogs looking for lunch, we will go deep into the hills where the locals are not used to having visitors......

Definitely NOT designed or geared for beginners or the faint of heart....but I do plan to sleep in and eat breakfast first.

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Nice place to visit...
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11th Annual ADVRider EASTERN RENDEZVOUS MAY 16TH -20TH 2012


What is the plan for food?

Congratulations for an 11th year!!!

Jacques Girouard
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Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: East TN.
Oddometer: 1,373
Meet in the parking behind Freebourns

Saturday- 09:00 Big bike and 2up (Ridgewood) BBQ Blowout If KTMmike or Knybanjo needs help reducing their group size on Sat. Then I will lead a big bike ride on Sat.

The Single track and guard rail tour! Friday only. The folks that take this ride on Fri. can return on Sat. and I can share notes and maps of single track that we may have missed.
I usually take a group out on Thursday afternoon for a big bike friendly ride. I plan to do that again this year.

The Friday ride will be best suited for 650's and smaller.

We will ride as much gravel, two track and single track as I can put together. So D.O.T. knobbies would be best, a good 80/20 will work.
Not much pavement! The gravel in the area will be a mix of hard packed, loose, rutted, freshly graded, deep and muddy.

PLEASE read the "Standard rules" in ktm mike's post #2.

Scout ride 1/25/12

Scout ride 3/12

Scout ride 4/19/12
bikes guns and shine

"My body thinks my brains gone crazy" ..........Corky McMillian

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Off Trail
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Location: Charlotte, NC (summer back home in western PA)
Oddometer: 568
future site for BPG's down' n dirty dual sport ride information, propaganda dispensation, and general point of reference.

This ride WILL involve lots of twisty paved & dirt/gravel roads, old abandoned trails, some hairy singletrack, somewhat epic hill climbs, etc. To be honest, an XR650 is about the biggest/heaviest bike that allows FAST FUN on the difficult portions. You can take a small GS, KLR, or similar machine, but ya better be nutso!
- Brendan
'08 Yamaha WR250R (sold)
'78 Honda XL250
'02 Honda CBR1100XX

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Beastly Adventurer
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Woo Hoo!

Man! Can't wait to see all you guys (and gals) again.
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a.k.a. Scott
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Ooooooohh Yeah!
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Originally Posted by PARTY BOSS™ View Post

Think I am gonna have to try and make this one....been too long since I had the pleasure of seeing some of you eastern FF's ---------so when the list gets going, put me on the list.......----- dangit, is it May yet ?????? Looking forward to it.
"Life is what happens, when you're busy making other plans...."

2002 KTM 520 E/XC
2011 BMW R1200 GSA
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The Sheriff
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Then the world exploded, and my head fell off.
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Finally, it is official. Been wondering what's going on. I'm in, - need to reserve the vacation time for that.
2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer
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Ravening for delight
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Originally Posted by knybanjo View Post
My goal in '12 will be to ditch as many riders as possible as quickly as possible! There, I said it.

Some history for the uninitiated:

and the aftermath

and it's aftermath

2012? stay tuned..
Screw you and your evil plans, I'm going second this time. Lose me and you're alone.
Why did I drink all of the ingredients for vomit?
"Used to be Man vs. Nature.. then Man vs. Space.. then Man vs. the Moon. Now it's Man vs. Food" - Dalar
"you cannot reason a person out of something they were not reasoned into." - Jonathan Swift
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