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Thumb An odd reflective kinda post.... Have you gotten a ticket?

Red areas for those with a short attention span.

So riding motorcycles is a meditation for me. Period. The nature of it blends seamlessly with the type of living I do and embodies aspects of the things I appreciate about what it is to live. Namely concepts of balance and harmony. Any person that hasn't had a moment where you feel like part of your bike.... You are missing out. I've had LEVEL's of that moment in different context but last week I had the most intense one of my life as of yet and I'm thinking it could potentially stay that way till I rot....... sooooo I decided to ramble about it and allude to the idea that traffic laws are noticeably written under the context of keeping cages safe not bikes........

Onto a blogish ramble.

So this post started with me wanting to ask everyone in the LOCAL D/fw area a simple question........

Have you ever gotten a ticket in the area? Be it legitimate or not and if so what for?

I've been riding in and out of this area since I got my first bike 11 years ago.

The last couple years pretty heavily by my standards. Fair weather riding-only doesn't compute for me. I've been caught out in hail, rain, what ever on my KLR and aprilia both. I'm a firm believer that to drive a motorcycle safely/ethically there is a line where laws that were clearly written for cages aren't the safest way to ride a bike. I firmly believe to safely/ethically ride a bike you have to do so with the best of your abilities with everyones saftey in mind WITHIN your capabilities even if that means breaking the law. Not all riders ride equally. There Isn't as wide of a margin of abilities on the road for cars as there is for bikes. So you ride what bike you're based on collective attributes and a Tuono has different attributes than a KLR does.....

Never seen anyone get hassled on a bike that wasn't acting stupidly within the context of a group.

On my Tuono running down 35 through dallas, commuting you'll go thru a maze of semi's sometimes. So on that bike I feel safer knowing that I can blip through it pretty quickly and just seperate from the group entirely because it's safer than sitting by an 18 wheeler and catching a cross wind into one in the other lane yah know? On the flip side, no sea of 18 wheelers wants to have a tiny bike riding way back hard to see in the mirrors and what not. So I'll see three numbers on my speedo pretty regularly because of situations like that. That statute would be a hard one to write yah know?.....

On the OTHER end of that stick. Clyde KLR and I have gotten 3 freebies in front of law while I've been clearly walking on the back tire. (have never had to drop or bail on a wheelie since I've been riding. Knock on wood.) Not endorsing anything here just saying what I do is always been done in the context where it's safe for everyone be it in a parking lot with no cars around.............or at any light going green.

Why this ramble about laws and reflection... Two things. I was a bike show at the ball park a couple months back and I was looking at the bikes in the parking lot..... like yah do at that type-uh thang. I spied a cb750 cafe'd out in a very tasteful fashion. Period correct parts. Blah. Anyway.
A man in his 70's walks up. Asks if the bike's mine. I say "Nah. I got one thats beat up and I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it yah know?" He nods talk back and forth about the bike and whatnot for a bit and he mentions he's got an bagger at home with 200 miles on it said he was thinking about dresser. I thought odd..."Do yah not like it?"
He informs me he can only put under 100 miles or so down a year because a disc in his back is pinched and his leg kicks out from under him at random because of the nerve. I told him he should try yoga and forwarded him to the studio I worked at. Got me to thinking.... If I had a bike I could only ride 100 miles a year and be done.... Where would that 100 miles be? (Talimena on KLR btw....shit yeah ) That reflection carried on to two weeks ago when the race happened..... This being said. I do NOT condone street racing unless it's under very specific context and this one met that.
I was on my Tuono (which happens to be my dream bike from age 17-26) with some pretty fresh pilot powers for rubber and enroute home from work. 1 hour commute on windy back roads. My bikes are what make the trip worth it. It's midnight and I'm on my way home from work and am about to pull out left off 544 onto 121 south. Light goes green and I turn on the inside left and I get up to about 60 and I see an odd throw/temperature of headlights to my right when I had seen nothing at the light when I was stopped. I look over .... Brand new Ferrari........... All at once I realize It's midnight and I pulled out on a dead straight road with realistically no place for a speed trap or even anyone to turn into my way off anything for a couple miles.

Obligatory Italian to Italian throttle blip with a clutch slip..................................I wait for an answer............................................ .................................................. .............................

.... He guns it.

2nd GEAR!

3rd.4th.5th. Lane's gettin narrow here.....6th. He lets out.... I look down, 165... We back out of it. red light ahead. He takes a right. We both nod...... Adrenaline shakes for a half hour. Dream race. Dream bike. Probably the type of story I'd tell a guy... at a bike show when I'm in my 70's and can't ride anymore but refuses let it go. So I felt like sharing it with yall now. Hoping I keep the blood on the inside long enough to do just that one day. So yah thats the end. No point outside finding out about your experience when dealing with the law on two wheels and sharing some weird thoughts/story. No threads about tickets poping with the search. If anyone has a story about their bike that sticks with them that'd be cool too.

Riders For the Republic D/FW

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