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Old 08-19-2012, 02:23 PM   #31
Blaise W
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Mark, a pleasure to meet you guys at the Salida motel, and look forward to reading the entire report. Hopefully you have satisfied the bears since we are headed out there for riding and camping in a couple of weeks. Looks like you left them hungry though.....

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Beastly Adventurer
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Lightened up the bear pic a little"
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BigDogAdventures OP
Fart Letter
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Day 1 7-22-12

Day 1

Tomorrow me and my buddy Scott were to meet up with Sam Correro and John Clements to do some exploring.
Scott is from Tuscon, Sam is from Mississippi and John is from Chicago---we would all be together tomorrow.

Our riding would start here in Trinidad, Colorado and since I was a day earlier I had a plan to find the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. I had tried to get there about 3 years ago at the end of a big ride---the sun was going down and I hit a dead end on a dirt road right at the Colorado, New Mexico border and I gave up. It was too late to get there in the daylight.

I took this picture 3 years ago as the sun went down----I vowed to come back and find the volcano.

I headed East out of Trinidad on a dirt road towards the little bitty town of Trinchera which is pretty much a ghost town.

Trinchera has a whole bunch of neat stuff laying around the old railroad station.

When I was a kid----I was a huge motorhead very early on. I had dreams about these little what I called "Putt Putt" cars.
These were used on the railroads to haul workers down the tracks and had little 2-stroke engines in them that seemed
to hit and miss------putt---putt..............putt--putt----putt-putt. I can still hear them. Man they fascinated me.
I haven't seen one in over 40 years---this one is still pretty much intact and still had the engine and belt on the drive system.

It was called the "Fairmont Railroad Inspection Car"
Originally it had a front with dual windshields and a top.
The 2-stroke engine was water cooled with a radiator and had no reverse as the engine could run backwards or forwards.
I guess I was reading about a different model than the one below--as it shows a reverse---ingenius.
Hell-----I had a Bultaco pursang that would do that on occasion.
It was equipped with a 5 to 8 hp engine and 6-volt electrical system.
The spark was provided by a Pontiac Vibrator Coil.
This car may have been built in the 40's ????

The newly routed railroad---by-passes the old station.

I had no idea if I'd be stopped again by gated raches or impassable roads----I turned south at the little town of Trinchera which is a really
a neat little ghost town with lot's of neat stuff to see--mostly old railroad stuff--hardly anybody lives here.

The gps picture shows the waypoint I made before I left of the Trinchera Pass.
I'll show pics of my gps continually throughout this ride and you can see the elvevation.
We never got hot on this whole ride---as we were always at elevation.

This road would go for miles thru ranchland and is a no-brainer to navigate to the little town of Folsom in
New Mexicoif you just use your good sense and stay on the main road.

I intersected paved Highway 72 and went Southeast into the little town of Folsom.

These next 2 pictures are about all there is in Folsom. Don't expect to eat or get gas here.
There was a nice museum to visit---but it was early and not open yet.

A little Southwest on paved 325 and I was at the Capulin Volcano National Monument.
If I was one year older I could have gotten in for free------no thanks----I like 61 years old just fine !!!!!
I'd like 42 better tho.

This picture gives you a great view of the round-a-bout road you take riding up to the top----yes you can ride to the top.

This is looking down into the crater which blew about 60,000 years ago.
You can hike down to the bottom---and you can hike around the top rim.
I wish I brought some hiking shoes-----I'm going to do that from now on--I've got time now.
I'm tired of not seeing and experiencing things because of my big clumsy riding boots.

I eyeballed that little dirt road down there and would try to ride it back to Trinidad---but it dead ended at a ranch.

The View from the rim.

A topo shot off my computer ----and the waypoint I dropped into Mapsource years ago---funny how waypoints I've dropped years ago......hoping to get there
someday------are becoming a reality.

I didn't even ask---the very nice lady at the top offered to take my picture.
I think it was $5 to enter the National monument.

I tried and tried to find another dirt route back----but was foiled.
One dirt road I rode on for about 12 miles and was foiled by a gate and a sign.
A nice lady said she thought I could ride thru------but the sign said the opposite.
So back to Trinidad on pavement to wait on Scott, John and Sam.
I was satisfied I finally got to the top of the Volcano--the elevation at the top was 7,800 ft.

127 miles for the day.

At the end of this day my friend Scott Stevenson, Sam Correro and his buddy John all showed up and we prepared ourselves
to leave at the crack of dawn the next day.
2008 Yamaha WR250R/2006 KTM 450EXC/2014 KTM690/2013 Husky 650 TR650
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BigDogAdventures OP
Fart Letter
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Location: Mt. Vernon, Illinois
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Day 2 7-23-12

Day 2

The 4 Amigo's
Left to Right
John, Scott (Dingweeds), Sam and Mark (BigDog)

Sam would always joke to me that he was the "Little Puppy"

And off we went heading Northwest------------sort of

The 4 Amigo's Left to Right John, Scott (Dingweeds), Sam and Mark (BigDog) Sam would always joke to me that he was the "Little Puppy"

It was a beautiful cool morning in Colorado------usually is this time of year.
Sam would be leading us the next 2 days and I really like just laying back out of the dust and not worrying about anything.
Scott would pretty much run tail all the time and he got some real good pictures of all of us.

Sam is so laid back and easy going----but when he starts his bike-------you'd better be ready or you'll be wondering
where the hell he went.

Sam would be riding his new Suzuki DR650.
Sam proclaimed his riding outfit was called the "Mississippi Redneck" edition.
Jeans, sweatshirt and hiking boots---said he didn't need all the fancy stuff the rest of us were wearing.

I prefer taking the advice of guys who have more experience than me and have been riding longer---so I guess I need
to upgrade my riding gear.

I was riding my 2008 Yamaha WR250R.
Me and Scott were packing camping, cooking, fire starting, survival and riding gear that would be comfy no matter what
the weather thru at us.
Sam and John were packing.......well...........Uhhhh................ .................... credit cards.

Pretty much no snow on any of the mountains.
Colorado was in a drout and the winter snow had been minimal.
For those that have never been to Colorado------any time of year ---almost anyplace in Colorado you could look around and see snow-------------not this year.

It was still beautiful---most place were very green.

We followed Sam all day as he certainly knew where he was going.
I was so happy to just follow along and stay out of his dust---not worrying about where to go.
So me and John give Sam some space.

Pretty much everyday in the afternoon---sporadic thunderstorms would roll in and we put on our rain gear.
Sam did have a rainsuit---but poor ole' John just had a credit card----and Scott (Dingweeds) would end up loaning him some rain
gear---a body can get very cold even if it is 70 if your wet.

Sam needed to do some personal stuff----but alas----he only had a credit card and
I saw the writing on the wall.
I whipped out my extra roll of TP and swiped his credit card---wait till he sees that bill.
Gas and toilet paper can be very expensive out on the trail----and you'll be glad to pay it.

We all stared at this sign for a very long time---and came up with 20 different interpretations.
Obviously the land was private---but where they placed this sign made it seem the road was private also.
This is a very clever tactic I see all the time and it almost scared us away.
But we finally rode on as it was definitely a public road.

Johns not skeert. John was riding a very nice Honda XR400 made street legal.
These are very nice offroad machines Honda should have never quit making.

I loved Sam's orange rainsuit--------yep...we can see you now.

We ended up in Salida, Colorado for the day and had absolutely no problems all day.
It went without a hitch and me and Scott really enjoyed Sam and John's company and good attitude.

I had met John before down in Mississippi on another ride with Sam earlier in the year.

I think about 225 miles for the day.
2008 Yamaha WR250R/2006 KTM 450EXC/2014 KTM690/2013 Husky 650 TR650
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Old 08-19-2012, 05:25 PM   #35
Using Occam's Razor
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Nice....thanks for taking the time. WR's Rule....
Citizens are asleep, and the media plays a bedtime story.
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Old 08-19-2012, 05:45 PM   #36
Formerly H20Pumper
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Great start, can't wait to check out your route but had to subscribe first!
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Old 08-19-2012, 05:59 PM   #37
Beastly Adventurer
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We stumbled on this one tucked away at the locomotive shed at Roaring Camp narrow guage railroad up in the Santa Cruz

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Old 08-19-2012, 06:39 PM   #38
Curmudgeon trainee
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Another great one Mark. Being 'retireded' must be nice!
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Old 08-19-2012, 06:45 PM   #39
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Your Dingweeds Adventure

Very awesome, looking forward to more! You never disapoint in your excellent adventures. Thanks so much for making tracks available also!
My XR650R Build:
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Old 08-20-2012, 07:37 AM   #40
PDX Alamo
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The Legend grows....I am in
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Old 08-20-2012, 01:34 PM   #41
Lucky Rider
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.........excellent RR, Mark. I'm in!...waiting for more.....especially the part about Baxter Pass.
Ratman.......Pete .... My Solo Continental Divide Ride
....and of course, Luck beats good...
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Old 08-20-2012, 01:49 PM   #42
Utah Bones
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Love it!
Lefthand brew, a weber grill and the rocky mountains, all goes away!
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Old 08-20-2012, 06:37 PM   #43
Studly Adventurer
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Day 3 7-24-12

Sam suggested riding an old jeep trail up to Marshall pass! Lots of babyhead rocks-----no problems!
It was going to be a treat to follow Sam today!

self discipline.......personal responsibility
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Old 08-20-2012, 07:04 PM   #44
Studly Adventurer
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Day 3 cont.

Todays ride would take us over black sage and Los pinos pass.

Sam really likes his DR650

This is the old Stage route thru here!! Looked like it would have been a fun ride!!

Los Pinos pass in the distance!

This is my first time posting pics and such.........thanks a million for all your help Mark!!!
self discipline.......personal responsibility
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Old 08-20-2012, 07:10 PM   #45
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2005
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I see you wearing under-armour and also a jacket. Did you pull the protection out of the jacket?

Your very first comment ... route only for small bikes ... yet I see a couple of dr650s and they don't seem that small. Wad Up?

Amazing how motivating your trip reports are. Nicely done!!
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