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Old 08-28-2012, 06:01 AM   #1
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Beverly Hillbilly's meet the Kardashians Yellowstone

My Brother Mark and I decided to get back into motorcycling now that our children are grown. We loved to ride when we were younger, but families, careers and worried wives put a temporary 25 years hiatus on motorcycling. We decided to get bikes and both of us head out to Yellowstone. Mark leaving from Los Angeles where he is an Executive Vice President at Paramount Pictures and me from Portland Oregon where I sell Auto Parts. Guess who the Beverly Hillbilly is?

Mark called earlier this year and said he had some friends that would like to go along. I told him I did as well. Fast forward 8 months and we now have 3 Hillbillys, me, Jeff and Steve and 6 Kardashians, my Brother Mark, Jim S., Jim W., Randy, John and Jim S's wife Nancy. The whole Kadashian crew have careers in the movie business while Jeff, Steve and me all work in the automotive business. Jeff is also a home builder as well.

The plan was for Jeff, Steve and me to leave Portland on Friday August 24th after a half day of work and ride to Klamath Falls Oregon for the night. Saturday we would leave Klamath Falls and head towards South Lake Tahoe. The Kadashians would leave La La Land Saturday morning and meet up with us at Randy's beautiful home in Tahoe.

After boating, jet ski riding and ridiculously good food and hospitality at Randy and his wife Sue's place on Saturday and Sunday, we were off to Winnemucca Nevada Sunday evening. Oh how things change quickly! We left one of the most incredible places in th U.S. and into the barren desert. Leaving Tahoe and heading towards Winnemucca we got hammered by giant crosswinds all the way to Lovelock Nevada. Into Winnemucca for the evening and a great little motel and then off to Twin Falls Idaho on Monday.

We are currently in Twin Falls and off to Jackson Hole Wyoming today.

Pictures to follow.

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Im following this sounds interesting plus i want to see Oregon at some point i hear its awesome!!
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Originally Posted by Nastygnome View Post
Im following this sounds interesting plus i want to see Oregon at some point i hear its awesome!!
Marty F
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Old 08-28-2012, 05:29 PM   #4
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O.K. We have arrived in Jackson Hole and will be putting up some pictures. Not too many from Oregon as we were hauling ass to get to our hotel in Klamath Falls and then on to Tahoe. A lot of fires in California made the ride really smoky and caused a few diversions from our intended route. I thought we could start out by introducing the riders

This is me, Troy. The are calling me"Radio" because I never shut up. Their opinion.

My Brother Mark. AKA "The Godfather"

Randy. AKA "T- Rex" I had never met Randy, so during the email barrage leading up to the trip, I told Randy that I would send a vented 2 XL jacket for him to use on the trip. It didn't fit, so I told him I was glad I wouldn't be the fattest one on the trip. Well, Randy let me know he was 6'4" 260 pounds with a 36" waist and 19.5" arms. I told him he must look like T-Rex with that huge body and short little 19.5" arms! So far I am still living, but I am sure he is going to kill me a some point on the trip. Too bad it wasn't in Winnemucca....I might have been better off.

Steve, AKA "Sleepy". Steve is a little slow on the uptake during passing situations and keeping up with the group. We are convinced his iPod is loaded with Kenny G and The Carpenters songs. We are attempting to commandeer his iPod and download Randy's library to his. A little Guns n Roses never hurt anyone.

Jeff AKA "The Wizard". Jeff is pretty mechanically minded and notice everything about the bikes. Uh Jim's tire looks like it only has about 20 pounds of pressure (said while riding at 30 mph). Sure as hell, Jim only had 22 pounds of pressure. Fixed on the spot by The Wizard.

Jim W. AKA "Straightline". Jim is on a naked Triumph and full retro wear. Not only is he keeping up, but in 40 mph crosswinds that we're kicking all our butts, he never even was moved by the wind.

John. AKA "Chickago". John just flew into Idaho Falls from Chicago and joined us on a rented Harley. I am tempted to make Harley jokes but don't know John and I hear Chicago knows how to fit people for cement shoes. He does say Chicago funny though.

Last but not least, Jim S. and his lovely Wife Nancy. Jim is AKA "Worldwide" due to his recent promotion at Paramount Pictures Worldwide operations, plus Randy likes calling him that and who wants to disappoint Randy? Not me! No AKA for Nancy because we are not that stupid and she is really too nice to harass.

More to come.

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The ride down to Tahoe from Oregon was beautiful but very smoky from the various fires in Northern California. We didn't take too many photos on this leg. A few are below.

The Feather River Canyon in Northern California. Very beautiful and very hot. Mid 90's and smoky. The Wizard (Jeff) by his Victory Cross Country.

Another picture of the Feather River.

The Wizard just couldn't stop yapping about one of his favorite towns, Graegle California. Of course we stopped there and he was right. It was a great little town and the people at the local watering hole were very friendly. sat out on the deck for about 45 minutes enjoying the town and people.

Graeagle California. Cool town USA.

Leaving Graeagle, it was on to South Lake Tahoe. With the limited cell service we had, we did receive an email from T-Rex (Randy) that the Movie Boys from Southern California were going to beat us to Tahoe. We didn't know it was a race, frankly we didn't care. Not caring about this was a sign of weakness to Randy. Again, didn't care.....
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Old 08-29-2012, 06:39 AM   #6
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Tahoe! We finally arrived in the Tahoe area, truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Of course, back to the world where electronic signals actually work, we have several emails from T-Rex (Randy) worried about our well being and disgusted that we let the Movie Boys from L.A. beat us to his house. Randy takes this as a sign of weakness, we just laugh.

We finally arrive at Randy's awesome house and meet the Kardashian crew. Before we can even get our jackets off, Randy has us get a beverage from his man cave. Holy crap, 3 big screens, full on bar with anything you can imagine, pool table and of course a home theater with actual movie theater seats and a silver screen, not a big TV. These Movie Boys have totally lost touch with the rest of us!

A few beverages on the deck and it was dinner time. Randy's wife Sue and Worldwide's (Jim S.) wife Nancy brought out BBQ ribs, chicken lasagne, veggies, and Caesar salad out on one of Randy's decks (I think there are about 36 decks on this house). What can't go without mention was the dessert. Sue made this blueberry crumble with vanilla ice cream that is truly one of the 3 best things I have ever eaten. Just look at me, I know eating! Wow, this thing damn near killed me! Note to self, Tequila and blueberry crumble don't mix. Next time I will drop the Tequila, it was that good.

Below are some pictures of Randy's Tahoe home.

The Godfather (My Brother Mark) checking out Randy's ridiculous Honda Rune. I had never even heard of this bike. Way cool. Google it.

One of the decks to enjoy your morning coffee on. Wow!

A view down into the back yard. You can't see the full size teepee in this picture. Trust me it is there and nicer than my house.

Worldwide (Jim S.) enjoying the deck before the beverages got flowing too much.

Too say that accommodations on the rest of the trip would go downhill from Randy's place would be an understatement to say the least.

Thanks Randy and Sue for the hospitality.

too be continued. While you guys are reading this, we will be riding through Yellowstone for the day.
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sub-scribed! i like me some Kardashians...


hey! wait a minute!? where's Kimmie??
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this sounds like fun, I'm in.
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Old 08-29-2012, 02:06 PM   #9
Baja is on the way
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Will ride Oregon one day...

and count me in for this. Exec has the plush BMW--of coursere! JK,, ride safe.
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Old 08-29-2012, 02:33 PM   #10
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subscribed... Yellowstone is incredible.
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I'm Subscribed..... We have an Independent store in Butte Montana and cater to the traveling. We are on the way from Yellowstone to Glacier. Our timing may be bad since we are taking a break, and our store will be closed Sept. 1 till Sept 10.... Hell, we need a break so we are riding our bike to the Left Coast!!

Travel Safe
"Of all my friends... I like my motorcycle friends best!"
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The plan was to leave Tahoe by 6:00 pm on Sunday and travel to Winnemucca for the night. Sunday we were up and ready to have breakfast and hit the lake with some of Randy's toys. I had been eyeing Randy's 2 Mercedes Benz cars modified by Brabus. He threw me the keys and said meet us down at Ernie's. Not being satisfied with just a 700 horsepower Mercedes, I asked his beautiful wife Sue if she would like to ride with me. Being a Kardashian for a week is gonna be just fine with me!

The place for breakfast in Tahoe.

Next it was out to the lake for a little boating. The boat has twin 454 big blocks and yes it is fast. He also brought out his 2 supercharged Sea Doos. I am quickly getting the idea that Randy does not like slow.

Jeff "The Wizard" looking for the kickstand.

Found it!

With the 6:00 pm quickly approaching, the Kardashians were about to enter our world, Winnemucca.
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Out of Tahoe and into Hell! The ride to Winnemucca was uneventful except for insane winds, a dark night and of course Randy got sperated from us. That happens when you travel 35 mph over I guess. We actually stopped for gas in Lovelock and as we are leaving, who show up but Randy. A mystery how he found us. Our motel in Winnemucca, The Townhouse Motel was very clean and quiet. Perfect place to stop for the night. Score one for the Hillbillys.

From Winnemucca (No Starbucks there. Can it really be part of America?) it was on to Twin Falls Idaho. I didn't think the scenery could get any uglier than Reno to Winnemucca.....I was wrong. Please, someone plant a tree out here. We happened onto a semi truck wreck. Check out the molten aluminum I am holding. Hope everyone got out OK.

"Worldwide" (center) looking smug in the fact that even this forsaken hell hole is under his worldwide umbrella. Hey Worldwide, how the airconditioning feel in the Raptor truck? It is ridiculously hot on the bikes, but Worldwide looks like he just came out of a meat locker.

Now what could be worse than 100 degrees, no scenery, no trees and wearing bike gear? I'll show ya!

Finally, civilization! Well kinda, Twin Falls. Great hotel even had a place specifically for cleaning bikes. I know cleaning bike is frowned upon on this forum, but we had to keep a bit of dignity when riding with the Kadashian Boys.

Me washing my RT. Sorry ladies for showing so much leg, but I am taken.

The "Wizard" cleaning up his beautiful Victory Cross Country.

Next, Jackson Hole, The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.
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Old 08-30-2012, 06:14 PM   #14
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Out of Twin Falls and onto Craters Of The Moon National Monument. Guess who got tired of riding 75 mph. Too slow for T-Rex and the Rune.

Now might be a good time to list who is riding what.
Me. BMW R1200RT
Mark. BMW R1200RT
Jeff. Victory Cross Country
Steve. Honda ST1300
Jim W. Triumph
Randy. Honda Rune

Uh, which thing doesn't go with the others? Of course buying luggage for the Rune would totally ruin Randy's image if it was even available, so what better solution than to ask your friends to follow along in your Ford Raptor and carry all your crap. The guy doesn't even carry his cell phone, that goes with the Raptor as well. The logic of this will soon prove to be a source of the rest of our amusement. Hollywood people.... WTH. Everytime I see him a mile up the road climing a hill in the desert at 115 mph, it reminds me of Mickey Rourke in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man when he rides across the desert at the beginning of the movie.

"Straightline" resting up at Crater of the Moon. Yep it was hot.

More Craters of the Moon.
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Onwards and into Idaho Falls. We meet John who flew in from Chicago and rented a Harley and then it is over to Famous Dave's BBQ for lunch. What could possibly go wrong at lunch? Randy, that's what. I never thought once in my life that the word ovulation would come up at a meal, but then again I had not eaten too many times with Randy. He totally embarrased the rest of us at the table while charming the two waitresses with talk that would have gotten us a quick trip to the Judge. Really, these girls were absolutely smitten with Randy. Maybe "you have a nice outfit" isn't the proper way to get a girls attention. This after eating 2 whole chickens and BBQ sauce in his beard.

My hero!

Trust me, nothing you can say will embarass these girls. I guarantee Randy tried.
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